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Call Center Courses

½ day (4 Hours).

When on the telephone, your only means of communication is your voice. Having the ability to create the appropriate emotion, to change to an effective style and to sound natural and conversational, become essential. The 3 Key Elements taught in the Secrets Course provide a simple and highly effective technique for accomplishing these skills and give the employees and managers a language of coaching that all can understand.

4 Hour Professional Group: Up to 12 Participants, 4 Hours, $3,750* (Added Participants: $315 per, up to 15.)
Recommended for Call Center employees (or others) whose jobs require excellent phone skills, but not face to face interactions and communications.
Includes: Secrets Book

Secrets Course Package for Call Center Managers: Up to 12 Participants, 1 ½ days, $8,700* (Added Participants: $725 per person.)
· Day One (8 Hours) is the Secrets Course.
· Day Two (4 Hours) is learning how to reinforce your call center employees’ ability to utilize the 3 Key Elements.

Train the Trainer Secrets Course Package for Call Center Managers: Up to 12 Participants, 2 days, ½ day Refresher Course $13,650* (Added Participants: $1,140 per, up to 15.) *
We will need to discuss Licensing fees.

If you are interested in Train the Trainer, we could discuss training and licensing your Call Center Managers (or another who would be appropriate) in teaching their employees the Secrets Course for Call Centers.

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For Facilitated Seminar inquiries, please contact Hendrie Communications at 1-877-773-2544 or email contacts@exceptionalspeaking.com

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