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Arizona HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

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Social Media Post about the Secrets Course “Winter” Practice Speech

Post: “ In the winter of last year, my organization went against the crowd…….. Exceptional Speaking course in public speaking……Arizona HOSA State Officers are starting their training to better serve all the awesome AzHOSA members”


“Ahaha, this sounds too familiar ;)”

“Our organization talked of growth and expansion while most spoke of caution! Lol that’s amazing! I hope training is going well:)”

“Our advise was unusual. And to those who listened unusually profitable ! Training was Too much fun !!! :)”

“We can not promise that last year is a guarantee for the future, but we can say, that our organization is worth checking into 🙂 great day here with all the other officers”

“Training was awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the next!”

“That was the best public speaking course I have ever been to! Remember all AzHOSA officers to “WiGgLe”!!

‎”When I want something, I really go after it”

“I like winning!”

“Great time talking to chairs and walls and looking smart while doing it!”

“I second that haha 😀 plus u gotta admit, I made Hershey syrup look Yummy xD jk. But I can’t wait till the next meeting”

“It was amazing, I had so much fun and I learned new things and I had fun with my new stat team. I love being with everyone !!!!”

“I think we all have memories from this speaking course!!! Have fun!”

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