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Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Phoenix, AZ)

“Superb! Our instructor is a wonderful coach. This course should be a requirement for all Bank One executives and managers.”

“Really worked. Personal improvement in one day for all participants!”

“This course helped me control my movements and use them with emotion. I loved it!”

“This is an exceptional class! I believe that this should be a required class. It is the oral equivalent to the writers toolkit.”

“Very beneficial. Most practical approaches to speaking I’ve ever heard. Best class of MS-C so far.”

“I gained the knowledge and practical skills to become a better speaker.”

“Best class I have had to date, I felt there were immediate gains. It has raised my confidence in speaking.”

“This course will help me speak effectively and be more relaxed.”

“Fabulous class! Gave real opportunities & exercises I can take with me to improve. Excellent, enthusiastic facilitator.”

“Fabulous – great learning. Very useful info. Wonderful presenter.”

“Fun and enjoyable class. Concepts easily understood and easy to apply.”

“I really enjoyed this class, as well as the instructor.”

“Excellent Course – all should take.”

“Thanks for a great day!! I am so glad I took advantage of re-experiencing this powerful course.”

“Excellent class. I’m still really shy but with practice, I should be fine.”

“Exceptional Class”

“The best class in the college so far. I truly got the most out of this class.”

“Great interaction and delivery of program.”

“Enjoyed it very much. I was self-conscious but needed the push to “just do it.”

“Excellent instructor, excellent course. I can use the information immediately.”

“Thanks for the training.”

“Excellent course!”

“Great tools & a great class.”

“Good participation and energy throughout. Nice to have quality equipment as well.”

“Very knowledgeable and presented instruction very nicely.”

“Excellent class. I feel it will benefit me greatly.”

“Great feedback & excellent use of video and practice sessions. Good class

“Fantastic! Thank you.”

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