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Bank One

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Investment Advisors, Bankers, National Trainers (Milwaukee, WI)

“Best day I’ve ever spent in any training or educational program.”

“Tips to last a lifetime.”

“This was absolutely fabulous. Thanks!”

“This course provided very good information and instruction to help me break old habits. It also provided the resources to assist in continued practices. Overall a very worthwhile investment of time.”

“This course points out very useful, simple rules for speaking, especially to those very uncomfortable speaking publically. By the end of the day, I learned enough to be comfortable speaking with short prep time and knew valuable pointers to use while speaking.”

“It was GREAT!”

“Good feedback to all participants throughout the day. Well-organized course with basic, clear principles that are easily applied. Good use of videotaping and review of participants during the exercises. Summarized principles at the back of the instruction book will serve as a great planning and delivery tools in the future.”

“Wanted to share a quick success story with you. During a recent presentation I had a punch line, which needed some “power” on one particular word. I struggled as I practiced over and over again. I then remembered a technique from The Hendrie Method – use your body to give you strength and power. I was able to use my arms at that particular point to allow my voice and body to convey the exact emphasis I wanted. A small victory, but it certainly allowed me to relax during the presentation.”

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