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Executives, Branch Management, Sales

“This was the best class I have ever taken!”

“You had a tremendous impact on me. There are certain days and certain people that you cross paths with that really make a difference. January 29th was such a day, and you are such a person.”

“Terrific seminar! Everyone should have to take it.”

“This class is the best training for me. In all of my work, church and life activities, the skills will be very helpful.”

“Great class. I wish I could have taken it years ago.”

“I feel this one of the best courses I have taken. Stephanie was an excellent instructor…This is a very difficult area for me, yet, she had the patience and knowledge to give each one of us guidance. ”

“This class was much more helpful than I thought possible. I can use it daily.”

“By far, the best, most effective training course I have ever attended at Bank One.”

“Excellent! I learned life-long communication skills. The Instructor’s teaching/training skills are superior.”

“One of the best seminars I’ve participated in the 14 years with the Bank. Very practical, useful immediately and effective. I think everybody in the bank who does any presentation or speeches or leads meetings ought to be required to take this class starting with upper management…I’d love to take it again and again!!”

“Great! Very good at improving confidence in self along with anyone in the field in speaking or delivering any presentations.”

“Excellent Course. Brought so much to my attention about personal presentation skills and how to become more effective. What a great opportunity to take our own natural abilities and expand them to become even more effective & interesting.”

“This helped me tremendously.”

“These are the tools I’ve been looking for on helping me speak in front of a group or even one-on-one. Great class!”

“This was an exciting, motivating and challenging class. Well worth the time spent. The Instructor is incredible.”

“I totally enjoyed this experience and feel I have gained personally and professionally. I would suggest every banker has this class as it builds confidence along with building our ability for public speaking.”

“I loved the class & highly recommend it.”

“Extremely helpful.”

“The instructor was very effective in communicating what she expected from us on an individualized and personalized basis! The Instructor did a wonderful job of making us all feel more comfortable when participating!”

“This class was excellent! I learned a lot about myself and feel more comfortable about speaking. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.”

“The Instructor provided positive feedback. She was always reinforcing correct actions and providing corrective feedback on what needed improvement. Very worthwhile course. I need to practice what was discussed to get the full benefit!”

“This was very beneficial and The Instructor was great! She kept the class interesting. Thanks.”

“The instructor gave suggestions to correct areas that need improvement. Class also validates other surveys, etc… for areas of improvement. Instructor very knowledgeable.”

“I wish I had you as my instructor sooner. Great course. University should bring you into their T&D curriculum. Great job!”

“This course was wonderful. The Instructor was enjoyable and dynamic. Hope to take the refresher.”

“The instructor was very concerned about us. She was very, very good.”

“The instructor gave each person positive and appropriate feedback to help ease their fears and help them overcome their weaknesses, while building their individual strengths.”

“Great class!”

“Excellent class!”

“This was the best training I’ve had in a long time. It was very worth the trip!”

“The instructor was excellent.”

“Great techniques to use everyday! Thanks!”

“Great course! Great instructor! Thank you!”

“This was an area I needed development in and this class has helped me a great deal.”

“It was easy to follow as long as the course was taught in steps. It was very interesting to realize how much I had learned by the end of the day.”

“This is a great course! The instructor does a wonderful job making her students feel at ease.”

“Excellent course!”

“The instructor is great. She provides everyone with value. I appreciate the bank providing me with this opportunity. It’s terrific!”

“Lots of fun – thanks!”

“Wonderful course!”

“Great fun! Learned a great deal about my speaking behaviors and how to change and adjust them.”

“This class was long overdue for me. Other members of my staff would also benefit from this course. We need this course again in Tucson. Thank you.”

“Very helpful! Enjoyed the class very much.”

“Great course.”

“Class was excellent. Length of class appropriate.”

“Great experience!”

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