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City Councilman, City of Apache Junction

on Nov 25, 2014 in | 0 comments

“Thank you for presenting the Hendrie Method’s “Secrets for Exceptional Speaking” to our class. The skills that were taught to us were needed in our public presentations. After the class you were given High marks by the class. Your bubbly and friendly personality brought the class together and took the fear out of speaking for our class members.

I also feel that my own personal public speaking will improve. I will review my book on a regular basis to refresh my memory. Since the class, I have had the opportunity to speak to three groups. I have used the large round slow, jerk and angles, as I feel that they work best for myself. It not only slows me down in parts of my speech, but also seems to put more compassion in my words. Which in turn makes my speech more positive and effective.

I also hope that you enjoyed your dinner and music show in our city. They are two of the most popular places in Apache Junction.

In closing I wish to thank you for delivering a wonderful and worthwhile presentation.”

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