Turning an Art into a Science


Foothill Independent Bank

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Directors, Executives, Sales, VPs, Human Resources, Credit Manager

“Time investment that pays immediate dividends.”

“I do not usually recommend a course. (Pause) However, (Pause), this is the best (Jab) course (Jab) I have ever taken (Throw Away).”

“Very excellent material, presentation, feedback and return to me for the time spent away from the office. I generally don’t give everything the highest mark, but this class was exceptional. Thanks.”

“A very valuable tool and a wonderful course overall.”

“I felt this was an excellent course and I feel that I learned even more than my original expectations.”


“Great! I feel this will help me improve my presentations.”

“Well done!”

“This course helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. It also helped me to express myself better.”

“Thanks for your flexibility with the group and the various styles of participants. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for your subject.”

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