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General Motors University

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Engineers, Executives, Sales, International Division, Managers

“This will be the most meaningful class I will take. I wish I could have taken it even sooner. Talking about adding value, it is right on point. Thank you for making me feel confident in my delivery.”

“I have had other classes on speaking and giving presentations, but they never gave me actual ways to utilize movements, under tones of conversation, and speed techniques. This class gave me all of those things. Other classes just tell you that you need to do those things better, but do not tell you how to do it.”

“Excellent course. I will use the skills from this class in my day to day Interactions.”

“A course worth taking. I’ve had other classes on speaking and giving presentations, but they never gave me actual ways to improve.”

“Anyone who presents information should take this course.”

“Excellent and helpful.”

“I liked the interactive learning style.”

“The course is of value to people outside of the Communications College. It should be marketed to management and all salaried employees.”

“I would recommend this course to others; especially leaders that talk to PowerPoint slides.”

“Everyone can use the opportunity to improve their public speaking abilities.”

“The structure of the video taping and reviewing is very effective. It was nice to see the improvements.”

“The plan was easy to adapt to. The worksheets were easy to follow.”

“Very informative & effective class!!”

“Very effective course. I feel many could benefit from this course.”

“High interactivity.”

“Hands-on, very focused on the concepts”

“We learned techniques and applied them immediately. The course was a great interactive class.”

“This is a great course for anyone who does presentations. It was a fun course and the instructor was great. I would definitely recommend this course.”

“It was a great course.”

“Very good class. Will recommend to team members.”

“Very effective.”

“Spontaneous and Interactive.”

“The structure of video taping and reviewing was very effective. It was also nice to see the improvement in the end when what was leaned was applied.”

San Diego Trial Lawyers Association

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“The attorneys of our association who took the course feel that we have benefited greatly by it, even though we have extensive experience as trial lawyers…I would recommend her program to any attorney who is attempting to improve his or her ability to communicate effectively in the courtroom.”

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)

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Directors, Scientists, Restoration Experts, Biologists, Administrators, Public Affairs

“I learned some great tools today that with practice will make me a better speaker. It was fun to see our team so engaged and improve in the short time of today. It was a great course with tremendous value.”

“The “system” approach helped me to organize my experiences into a more intentional approach in my work.”

“This was fantastic. Huge difference in all of us after one hour. Wish we’d done this sooner. And, lots of laugher.”

“Great class. Thanks for the practical tips. These are definitely tools I will use.”

“I really enjoyed the class. The Instructor was exceptional at making everyone comfortable & had thorough grasp of the subject matter. Excellent job! Thank you.”

“I liked the actual exercises. Practicing and immediate feedback was very effective. Fun working with the entire team.”

“Thank you – very useful skills.”

“I benefitted very much from this course. The tools will be very helpful for me. I will have to look for opportunities to practice in public. Also, I loved getting one-on–one feedback and enjoyed working in a partnership.”

“I enjoyed the course, learned such good techniques and had fun. Thank you.”

“I found The Instructor to be extremely knowledgeable.”

Jose Cuervo

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Event Management & Promotions Team

“I can’t believe my improvement in one day. This will greatly help in my current job. I can’t wait to use it.”

“This was very helpful! I’m impressed with everyone’s growth in today’s seminar and I am eager to see it used in our line of work.”

“Learned much more than I thought I would. I’ve got a new found confidence in public speaking.”

“I thought this course was FANTASTIC & I am happy at the last minute opportunity to attend!”

“I feel much more confident in my speaking ability, due to Stephanie’s course! Well worth the time!”

“Great program! I learned a lot that I can definitely take with me and apply to the field.”

“Interesting and kept it fun.”

“The Instructor made me so relaxed and comfortable. I now look at speaking in an entirely new light.”

Idaho Cattle Association

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Wyatt R. Prescott, Executive Vice President

“Thank you for an excellent seminar at Arizona Project CENTRL. Your Secrets for Exceptional Speaking are overwhelmingly beneficial and the workshop made for an extremely fun day.”

California Family Study Center

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Edwin S. Cox, Ph.D.

“I want you thank you [for]…your work with us. I personally feel a greater sense of confidence and excitement about expanding my range of abilities… All along, it was an exceedingly powerful workshop, and I salute you for your innovative style, your personal connection with each of us, and your professionalism throughout.”

Bank One Investment Management Group, (Dallas, TX)

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Executives, National Directors, General Manager, Fiduciary Compliance, Training

“I don’t believe I’ve had so much fun while learning so much in one short day. Thanks enormously.”

“I was particularly impressed and surprised by how easy and effective this is. I am very self-conscious person at times, especially when I need to be “passionate” and “motivating”. This was great. Thanks!”

“Can’t wait for my next presentation. Wonderful job coaching.”

“Wonderful course. Will be very useful.”

“Thanks for helping me to continue my education!”

“Very helpful & fully applicable to my current position.”

Dr. Paul Baker, Drama Department Chairman, Baylor University; Drama Department Chairman, Trinity University; Founding and Managing Director, Dallas Theater Center; Founding Director, Dallas Arts Magnet High School.

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“Years ago when I first started teaching at Baylor, I discovered that the essential ingredient necessary for a comprehensive, productive education was missing. The essential ingredient was finding a way to develop in each student a belief in his/her creative ideas. I developed the “Integration of Abilities” course to introduce each student to his/her creative self and devise exercises to help them understand how their creative abilities work.

Now…I find that Stephanie Hendrie has also made another brilliant discovery incorporated in the ‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking’ by identifying the Three Key Elements: 1. Creating appropriate emotions. 2. Identifying emotions and how to express emotions by identifying Rhythm Pattern Styles. 3. Connecting with listeners.

Stephanie has also developed vivid and fantastic exercises to help each student in developing each of the Key Elements. I believe Stephanie has been able to fathom the most important ‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking’ and has found dazzling ways to explain the process. Congratulations.”

The Law Offices of Maynard O. Kartvedt & Brooks L. Iler

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“I am happy to hear that you are continuing to use your talents to assist the legal profession and better communications. I believe I benefited greatly from the workshop that you presented in San Diego. Your wide range of knowledge in acting and communications techniques (which may be the same) gave me a much greater level of personal confidence in my ability to make presentations to juries in particular.

Some of the areas that I have found particularly helpful are the true ability to gain and maintain eye contact; the power of presentation by imagery and the use of the whole body with the voice in conveying thoughts and ideas. Best wishes in your continued good work.”

Senior Executive

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“Thanks so much for the great class. I appreciated your follow-up letter as well. I was driving last week and thinking about the past few years. I didn’t realize how afraid I had become of speaking. Thanks for reminding me it could be fun. I’m interviewing for a new job [and]…I’m already practicing and looking forward to it… Thanks again – you are a great teacher.”

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