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Altex Industries

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Engineers, Executives, Managers, Oil Industry

“The course is an exceptional tool that can be applied to my industry & occupation. The information was extensive but presented in a manner which could be retained and utilized.”

“Even though my communication is normally reports and emails of facts and figures, I can see the information can be delivered with more interest and clarity with good communication skills. This will enhance all levels of conversation, business and personal.”

“In a very short period of time I do feel more comfortable speaking in front of my peers.”

“Good course! I certainly picked up some good techniques that I will practice and utilize in the future.”

“The course was relevant and has shown a process to follow to continue to improve in communication.”

“Thank you. Very helpful.”

“Pleasantly surprised by what I learned. I have learned skills that I know will be able to use in future presentations and speeches.”

Bank One Western Region

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Senior Executive Telephone Banking Center

“This year I have given several presentations and have you to thank for my confidence & success. I always reflect on your teachings and advice as I prepare & deliver my presentations.”

The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance

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Eleanor Bloxham, CEO

“I was thinking about your educational role at the Society of Actuaries and thought about someone who has made a difference in my speaking life and might hold some interest as you develop educational programs there. Her name is Stephanie Hendrie. She has worked her magic with people of mathematical and statistical minds at companies like that Kaiser Permanente Medical HMO and has a great deal of experience with physicists, scientists and engineers through NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Agilent, Amgen, General Motors and HP….I took her course about 10 years ago and that’s when my speaking life took off. Anyway, always thinking of a way to connect good people.”

Letter From FFA (Future Farmers of America) Executive

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“I want to thank you for your training session last Friday. My officers were very excited and energized. I’m especially touched and impressed with the work that you did with our student with the severe stutter. Thank you!

I would like to arrange for her to meet with you again when you are next in town. I’m envisioning a short session where you can reinforce some of the things that you taught her Friday. As you can tell, we’re all excited about the break through you were able to have with our student. Our interest goes beyond her just speaking formally and we’re hoping that your training will also help her in her normal day-to-day conversations. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Kaiser Permanente Research Department

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Biostatisticians, Research Scientists, Physicians

“An absolute delight“

“A wonderful training course. I really enjoyed it.”

“I really learned a lot. A very effective teaching approach. I highly recommend this course.”

“I appreciate that you broke down the concepts into easy, understandable techniques.”

“Really enjoyed the class. I had fun and I believe the material will help me in future presentations & public speaking.”

“I learned several easy tips for future presentations. The exercises were particularly helpful.”

“Great training!”

“Very helpful! Thank you!”

“This course was fun and entertaining.”

“Very helpful – thank you!”

“This was great!”

“Great exercises. Was able to identify my weaknesses. Thanks.”

California State Legislature

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Assembly Member

“The Secrets for Exceptional Speaking Course not only helped me become a better public speaker, it saved my marriage.” (Love the humor.)

New York/New Jersey Baykeeper

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Engineers, Scientists

“I feel that this will be a huge boost in my public speaking skills. Thanks for a great course.”

“Clear, basic, engaging & informative. Thank you.”


Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Wilmington, DE)

“This is the best course I have taken for as long as I can remember.”

“Very helpful and enlightening! I will use these techniques often.”

“One of the most useful courses in the college. Speaking, whether public or not, is a key component in being successful.”

“This course was significantly better than other courses I’ve taken; excellent instructor/program.”

“Good course, great instructor. This was one of the best classes in the Supervisor College!”

“I feel this class works well with Effective Communication & presentation skills.”

“This class was fun and energetic. Instructor presented material very well.”

“The Instructor was really terrific. This class really shows you how to use the material. The class really got us all involved – we didn’t just sit and listen. I would like to recommend this class to colleagues.”

“Great job. Very knowledgeable.”

“Good job.”

Foremost McKesson

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George Good, President & Founder Aspen, G & G, & Alpine Water Companies VP and Manager of Marketing, Foremost McKesson

“The best time and money I ever spent. Gave me the ability to release once hidden speaking skills into my own successful style. What was once dreaded and terrifying is now fun and effective. Turns boring and detailed facts into entertaining and interesting communications. Fun to learn; fun to do. I use it daily.”

Project CENTRL, Center for Rural Leadership

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Richard A. Wertz

“Your seminar on effective speaking was outstanding. The Secrets for Exceptional Speaking that you shared with us will be vital in the leadership roles that each of us at Project Central are seeking… I wish to thank you again for the excellent seminar. It has been the highlight of all Project Central sessions. I am sure that all of the Project Central participants agree with me when I say thank you.”

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