Turning an Art into a Science


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Turning an Art into a Science

Learn why THE HENDRIE METHOD™ used in this course is SO EFFECTIVE!

What is different about an Exceptional Speaker?

An Exceptional Speaker has the ability to look natural. Often we are told to have gestures and make eye contact, but this is not enough. We are told to be more conversational, to “Relax…Be confident…Just be yourself” but telling someone to do something is not teaching how to do it.

You are usually the most neglected part of your presentation.

Conventional Courses teach how to prepare your presentation, but not how to prepare yourself personally. Some can do it and some cannot. Speakers need to be given the necessary technique for looking natural and taught to implement it effectively. Many of our clients have taken other high quality courses and still consider the Hendrie Method™ essential.

The Hendrie Method™ successfully teaches what is generally considered an inborn talent.

Effective speaking is not just talent; it is knowing the right technique. The Hendrie Method™ is an innovative approach to Presentation and Communication Skills. It’s a technique that you can apply to different communication and interpersonal situations. The technique enables you to bring your words to life in several comfortable, personal styles that you can change for different situations, individuals, audiences or patients. By the end of the course, you will know how to communicate any information, bring your words to life with appropriate emotion, connect with individuals or audiences, and sound conversational in several different styles with vocal variety. And it is highly successful with everyone who learns and uses it.

Who uses The Hendrie Method™?

The Hendrie Method™ has been taught to CEOs, CFOs, presidents of companies, physicians, management, sales teams, scientists, attorneys, politicians, teachers, nurses, call center telephone operators, high school students, and many many more.

The Hendrie Method™ is used for all communication and presentations.

Whether you are talking with someone on the phone, communicating with just one person, giving a boardroom presentation or speaking in front of 5000, you need to convey the appropriate emotion, be flexible with your style, have vocal variety, sound conversational and truly connect with your listener. Clients use the technique for formal speeches, boardroom presentations, weekly meetings, sales calls, teaching, interviewing, as well as interpersonal patient interactions. Even telephoning, if you don’t know how to change your style, you won’t have vocal variety or be able to adapt your style to your listener.

What are the Three Key Elements?

With communication and presentation skills, it is not just understanding how communication works; it’s being able to use the concepts in your day-to day-life. The concepts and exercises in the Hendrie Method™ tend to be quite memorable. This is why this course is so successful. Plus it’s a lot of fun. You will learn:

Key Element # 1: Background Imaging--How emotion is created so you can put any emotion you want into your words, bringing them to life.

Key Element # 2: Rhythm Pattern Styles--How styles are expressed and create vocal variety, so you can change to any style you need to match your listeners or clients. You can be powerful, or nurturing, or inspiring.

Key Element # 3: Conversational Connection –-How to sound conversational with your material and connect with any listener.

By practicing The Hendrie Method™, you will become an Exceptional Speaker & Communicator!

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