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"Best time and money I ever spent!"

George Good, VP & Manager of Marketing, Foremost McKesson

Products & Seminars

Products & Seminars

Choose your learning style. The Secrets Course is a precisely designed, easy to follow course, which you can complete entirely online, as an independent workbook course or as a participant in a facilitated seminar. Each interactive exercise teaches you the knowledge needed to communicate successfully, in day-to-day situations and presentations.



“The best time and money I ever spent. Fun to learn; fun to do. I use it daily.”

“Fantastic, fun and very practical.”

“Unbelievable!! I can’t believe the change from beginning to end.”

“I was impressed and surprised by how easy and effective this is. This was great.”

“This was absolutely fabulous. Thanks!”

About the Course

About the Course

The Secrets Course simplifies into a step-by-step technique the very complex concepts of communicating and presenting effectively. The Hendrie Method™ teaches you to communicate effectively with anyone, in any situation. You actively learn the Three Key Elements needed to develop natural, effective delivery styles.

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"Unbelievable how much I improved!"

Bill Geckeler, MD, PhD, Area Medical Director, Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

  • The Hendrie Method™
  • Why take the Secrets Course?

The Hendrie Method™ successfully teaches what is generally considered an inborn talent.

Effective speaking is not just talent; it is knowing the right technique. The Hendrie Method™ is an innovative approach to Presentation and Communication Skills. It’s a technique that you can apply to different presentation, public speaking, communication and interpersonal situations. The technique enables you to bring your words to life in several comfortable, personal styles that you can change for different situations, individuals, audiences or patients. By the end of the course, you will know how to communicate any information, bring your words to life with appropriate emotion, connect with individuals or audiences, and sound conversational in several different styles with vocal variety. And it is highly successful with everyone who learns and uses it, even those with Stage Fright.

This course will give you techniques that you can apply to different communication and interpersonal situations. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate any information, know how to bring your words to life with appropriate emotion, and sound conversational and connected in several different styles. You will find that the techniques are successful with all levels of expertise, no matter what your experience.

It can be applied to formal speeches, boardroom presentations, weekly meetings, teaching, interviewing, and interpersonal patient interactions. From formal speeches to one-on-one talks, The Hendrie Method™ can be used with all forms of communication.

We were the top-rated course in the Bank One College and were given the highest ratings in the GM University. In fact, we receive high evaluations with every client we have worked.

While working at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab with PhD scientists and engineers, who are famous for their critical thinking, one participant loudly shouted across the room, “This works! This really works!”

Ann Jackson-Forstall, MA

“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop presentation. I felt a great deal of confidence as we transformed our group anxiety to poise and excellence… I do believe our group found you outstanding.”

Marriage Family and Child Counselor (MFCC)

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