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The Secrets Course teaches you how to prepare, because no matter how well planned your presentation is, you still need to communicate it.

Choose a Secrets Course product that best suits your learning style.

Secrets Online Course

Complete this self study course to enhance your reputation, improve your self-confidence and advance your career! This streaming video course is completed entirely online and broken down into 3 parts, the 3 Key Elements:

Key Element 1:

Background Imaging

How emotion is created so you can put any emotion you want into your words, bringing them to life.

Key Element 2:

Rhythm Pattern Styles

How styles are expressed, so you can change to any style you need to match your listeners or clients. You can be powerful, or nurturing, or inspiring.

Key Element 3:

Conversational Connection

How to sound conversational with your material and connect with any listener.

11 hours of streaming video, 9 lessons broken into 23 sections, printable worksheets, interactive exercises and quizzes included.

Buy Now $309

We highly recommend utilizing all available material in this course. Viewing all of the video, reading the extra book excerpts and completing all worksheets and exercises helps to ensure you fully understand the concepts and methods presented. Recommended study time is minimum of 11 hours.

Secrets Book

The complete Secrets Course in an intriguing, easy to follow book. Includes Coaching Advice, all Interactive Exercises, personal Worksheets and Speeches.

How to use this book:  Use as an independent workbook course. This Secrets Book can be used on its own as a Workbook Course. It is written for independent use and contains the complete “Secrets for Exceptional Speaking” course. When you read this book, you will know how to be a good speaker. When you practice the exercises in this book, you will quickly become a good speaker.

Buy Now $59.95

Facilitated Seminars

Choose from a variety of facilitated Secrets for Exceptional Speaking™ courses, starting with our highly rated Secrets Course and going on to our Refresher and Polishing Skills Courses.  Learn  innovative, practical and highly effective techniques, which have been perfected and tested for years with diverse client populations. The uniquely designed, fun behavior modification exercises are active group and partner exercises that produce long-term impacts and go beyond the conceptual into the practical.

You will find that the techniques are successful with all levels of expertise, no matter what your experience.

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For Online Course or Products, please contact ILScorp at 1-800-404-2211 or email info@ilscorp.com
For Facilitated Seminar inquiries, please contact Hendrie Communications at 1-877-773-2544 or email contacts@exceptionalspeaking.com

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