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Conference Mini Course

60 to 90 min., up to 200 people, $7,500*

Our Secrets Mini-Course has been a favorite at Leadership Conferences, Medical Conferences & Educational/Teacher Conferences. We generally have standing room only and close to 100% of the evaluations give us their highest rating of “Highly Useful”.

Our Mini Course concentrates on understanding 2 of the 3 essential Key Elements for successful communication: Key Element #1 Background Imaging™ and Key Element, #2 Rhythm Pattern Styles™. You gain the power to bring your words to life and change your style for different audiences, clients, patients, situations or products; by understanding how to create appropriate emotion through Background Imaging and how to express emotion in four different Rhythm Pattern Styles.

You actively participate in this dynamic course. The video handles the intellectual concepts, and then you integrate the concepts through the precisely designed exercises. Most of your time will be spent doing the Interactive Exercises. With communication and presentation skills, it does not just understand how communication works, but being able to use the concepts in your day-to day-life.

The concepts and exercises in the Secrets Course tend to be quite memorable. By the end of the One Hour Mini-Course, you will understand the basics of Background Imaging and know how to speak in 4 different Rhythm Pattern Styles.


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*Additional costs: Travel and expenses; room and refreshments as customary for your executives.

For Online Course or Products, please contact ILScorp at 1-800-404-2211 or email info@ilscorp.com
For Facilitated Seminar inquiries, please contact Hendrie Communications at 1-877-773-2544 or email contacts@exceptionalspeaking.com

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