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Secrets Course Reviews

Today’s Librarian Review

“…excellent public-speaking course…inventive…enlightening… would improve the skills of almost any speaker…”

“…It’s an excellent public speaking course. Hendrie’s three-pronged instruction method is based on creating appropriate emotion in a speech, expressing it and ensuring connection with listeners. Most of the video shows Hendrie working with a class of lay volunteers-no actors-plucked from the professional world. Viewers are brought along through Hendrie’s direct coaching and prompts to pause the tape and participate alongside the class.”

“The workbook contains speeches and drills shown on the video and reinforces important points. In one inventive exercise, students whisper their speeches, impressively stepping up nonverbal communication. They also practice being conversational by reciting their speeches while engaged in everyday tasks. An entire section on gestures is enlightening. Hendrie constantly uses practiced, politician-like gestures, which are undeniably effective.”

“Based on sound speaking techniques, this course would improve the skills of almost any speaker who actively participates. Sound and video quality is excellent, and the production is enhanced with lively graphics and supporting scenes.”


Fortune CNN Article

“…I learned this lesson when I took a public speaking workshop almost 20 years ago given by communications expert Stephanie Hendrie, who has a background in both psychology and theatre. To give a speech well, Hendrie said that it was important to become conscious of the emotion you feel related to the words in your speech and, through awareness and practice, to change that emotion consciously to the emotion you want to convey.”

Eleanor Bloxham, CEO of The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance


Library Journal Review

“…Highly recommended…easy-to follow format…very practical and useful tool…”

Viewers can learn how to present and deliver information by watching Stephanie Widener Hendrie teach how to communicate effectively, no matter what the situation via, her Hendrie Method. The majority of the title shows an actual class going through the exercises covered in the accompanying workbook, which supports and reinforces the lessons on the video. In between the class sessions, Hendrie reviews the salient points covered, such as “the three key elements to becoming an effective speaker,” “no matter how well planned your presentation is, you need to prepare,” and “what great speakers do instinctively you will learn to master personally.” The material is thoroughly covered in an easy-to-follow format. Viewers see the class participants encouraged when Hendrie applauds the positive points from their presentations; she doesn’t point out bad habits because she says they disappear as you learn the skill of effective speaking. Overall, this title is a very practical and useful tool for people to improve their speech and video presentations for job interviews, teaching, sales, or formal occasions. Highly recommended.

Denise A. Garofalo Mid-Hudson Lib. Sys, Poughkeepsie, NY.


Midwest Book Review

“…Easy, effective, student friendly…will enable anyone to speak clearly, persuasively, easily, and engagingly anywhere, any time, for any purpose.”

“Secrets for Exceptional Speaking™ is a complete video training course in the techniques of effective speaking based on ‘The Hendrie Method’. Whether it’s a formal speech or a personal one-on-one conversations, Secrets For Exceptional Speaking™ will offer specific training and information that will enhance your ability to converse and communicate regardless of the circumstances or situations where speaking is required of you.”

“The Hendrie Method is simple and will help the speaker to overcome stage fright through the three key elements of background imaging; rhythm pattern styles and “conversational connections.”

“Easy, effective, ‘student friendly’, Secrets For Exceptional Speaking™ will enable anyone to speak clearly, persuasively, easily, and engagingly anywhere, any time, for any purpose.”


University Commendation

“I find that Stephanie Hendrie has also made another brilliant discovery incorporated in the Secrets for Exceptional Speaking™ by identifying the Three Key Elements…Stephanie has also developed vivid and fantastic exercises to help each student in developing each of the Key Elements. I believe Stephanie has been able to fathom the most important Secrets For Exceptional Speaking and has found dazzling ways to explain the process.”

Paul Baker, Drama Department Chairman, Baylor University; Drama Department Chairman, Trinity University; Founding and Managing Director, Dallas Theater Center; Founding Director, Dallas Arts Magnet High School


Evaluation Tallies
All participants are given evaluations at the end of a Secrets Course. Clients are asked to rate the following statements or questions regarding the Secrets Course as Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. The following is a summary of all the evaluations tallies to date.

98% Excellent, 2% Good, 0% Fair, 0% Poor

  • I would recommend this course to others.
  • The course was worth the time I invested.
  • How would you rate this course overall?

95% Excellent, 5% Good, 0% Fair, 0% Poor

  • I learned specific tools, skills or techniques that I can apply on the job.
  • I feel this course will help me do a better job presenting & communicating.

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