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Bank One, Arizona & Bank One Corp.

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John Westman, Former President, Bank One, Arizona & CFO Bank One Corp.

“My performance as a speaker greatly improved. I felt I could be me, at last, and know that my talks will be effective, that my audience will be attentive and retain the key message. I have referred this course to many of my colleagues and they too have experienced extraordinary results. The Hendrie Method has my highest recommendation. Its simplicity and profound impact are astounding.”

Hewlett-Packard Company

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Bruce Sparks, Area Sales Manager

“Let me take a moment to describe my delight with your class and process, the Hendrie Method… A colleague and I took the class. Then I sent my entire staff. I’ve found immediate improvements impacting my ability to connect with people in any setting, to large groups and small one-on-ones. I watched my colleagues give the best presentation ever just a month after our session.”

Kaiser Permanente Southern California Hospital Care Improvement Team

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PhDs, MDs, RNs, MPAs & NEAs

“Outstanding Course – I believe it will absolutely help me in my role as a physician leader.”

“Great insight into lasting improvement in my speaking skills. Tools to serve a lifetime.”

“If I had expectations, they would have been exceeded. I didn’t have any idea what to expect and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to participate.”

“Useful for everyone.”

“Great to have a focus on presentation, not content.”

Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Columbus, OH)

“During my 20 year career with Bank One, his is by far the best seminar/class I have taken. Excellent!”

“This was an exceptional course. It provided a great deal for me both personally and professionally. I will carry what I learned in this class me in every aspect of my life.”

“Wow – I can’t begin to express how this has helped me now and in the future. I only wish I had his years ago. Recommend for anyone. Should be a required class.”

“Excellent course! The one day session made a tremendous difference in my delivery style.”

“Excellent class – one of the best for all facets of life.”

“Highly recommend to all!”

“One of the best classes that I have ever taken. This will help me greatly in my career. Thanks!”

“This has been the most worthwhile course out of the 5 I’ve taken already. Stephanie is a stellar presenter & teacher. A+++!!”

Kaiser Permanente SCPMG

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Bill Geckeler, MD, PhD, Area Medical Director

“My profound thanks to all of you for making this training available to me. Dr “R” and I took the course yesterday. I experienced what I consider to be huge movement in my ability to deliver a compelling and engaging presentation. For me this is by far the best ‘short course’ I’ve ever taken. ”

California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory & NASA

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Principal Commendation Letter

“I had the opportunity and the good fortune to take your very special, “Secrets Course”. As you know, I make presentations on behalf of California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and NASA on a regular basis and have always been well received.

A few days after I took your course, I delivered a presentation to 300 people at a NASA Conference in Rhode Island. The feedback was better than ever, and as I left, a number of people expressed their appreciation and commended my delivery and effective communication of the subject matter.

One man that stopped me previously saw me present similar materials to his groups of about 50 people. I have always received extremely high evaluation scores from these critical audiences; however, his reaction to my delivery showed extraordinary enthusiasm. I know why. He saw an even better performance due to “Secrets for Exceptional Speaking.”

All facets of the course convey many benefits and I cannot easily choose which provides the most help; however learning the tools to “connect with an audience” conveys a very key effective ingredient. I find connecting easy now and as a result my audiences really listen and stay interested.

My supervisor, the Director of Engineering and Science, is an experienced speaker. Nearly all of JPL’s technical engine report to him and he reports directly to JPL’s Director. He used the “Secrets” self study video to improve and give his speaking even more polish.

I hope more of our California Institute of Technology – JPL employees have the opportunity to take the Secrets Course. Anyone, from beginners to experienced speakers, can improve with special skills from your course. I find the dramatic improvement in a matter of hours quite remarkable.”

-Mel N. Roberts, Principal, Acquisition Operations & Planning, Engineering & Science Directorate (Retired)

Jafra Cosmetics International

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Executives, Sales, Management

“This is the best speaking course I have had! It is so simple & is valuable in everything we do! Thanks for changing lives.”

“Excellent. Thank you.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with you – thank you.”

“Fun, informational day.”

“Thank you and God bless you.”


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Executives, Human Resources Management & Learning Systems Team

“I really enjoyed the class. I didn’t believe that one day could make the difference for me – but it did!”

“Excellent course – very useful.”

“The time flew! The opportunity to actually experience the change was awesome. Valuable class!”

“Tremendous value for me. Thank you.”

“I liked how we took the speech apart and worked things step-by-step in a fast moving AM session. The putting-it-all-together second speech really showed how many people had improved.”

“Overall, a great course.”

“Great class. Thanks. Appreciate the one-on-one feedback/coaching.”

Amgen, Inc.

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Scientists, Executives

“Very good course with real world applications. Great job!”

“Great class – broke down process of incorporating emotional content.”

“It is a great class. Never lost focus or concentration during the class.”

“Great class, thank you!

“Thank you for the letter and feedback. It will help me focus in on areas to improve. It was an ‘exceptional’ class.”

Asian Pacific American Organizations

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“The program on Saturday morning was terrific! I can see why you are so successful. I’ve been telling everyone how you were able to transform so many in such a short amount of time. I was most impressed with my Chinese group in spite of their difficulties with the English Language…they appeared confident and spoke well by the end. I gave my book to my two nieces who will graduate in May to read and practice. Thanks and hope to see you again in the near future.”

“What a week! Thank you, especially on behalf of the non-profit APA organizations. Now, all of us have new tools to work with when we have the opportunity to speak.”

*Organizations are for identification purposes only.

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