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Kaiser Foundation Health Plan’s Accounting & Finance Department Team

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CPAs, Accountants, Executives, Management

“Best speech class I have attended.”

“The tools provided are extremely valuable to persons/individuals who find themselves uncomfortable presenting in front of people.”

“Awesome course.”

“Great course, which taught me great speaking techniques. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly to others.”

“Excellent class. I learned a lot of great techniques on presentation skills. Great course!”

“Very engaging. Had the entire class participating in exercises. Would recommend class.”

“This was a great class. Thank you for the feedback! I now have a better understanding of what I need to work on. The videotaping was uncomfortable, but I needed to see it so that I can improve.”

“Appreciate positive feedback, energy & encouragement. Great course. Love Stephanie & Alyssa. They rock!”

“This was a challenging class for me but I believe I gained skills that will improve my presentation skills. I’ll keep moving! Thanks Stephanie & Alyssa!“

“Great course!”

“Great class.”

“This was a great class. The videotaping was uncomfortable at first but it showed “Excellent speaking course.”

“Awesome course.”

“Excellent Speaking Course.”

Kaiser Permanente, Kern County

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Bill Geckeler, MD, PhD, Area Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente SCPMG

“I had the good fortune to study under you about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to let you know about an “unanticipated“ benefit I received, from you ‘database’, in case other students have mentioned something similar. About a week ago, I attended an all Southern California Kaiser Permanente videoconference with the Medical Director. At the end they asked for questions from the audience. It became clear that no one was going to ask the ‘tough ones’. I got up and asked the tough questions. What’s important for you to understand is that I never ask questions in that kind of public setting, never. But I do attribute the change, a radical one for me, to having studied with you. Again, my profound thanks for the gift you gave me.”

St. John’s High School

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Vocational Director

“My husband had attended Stephanie Hendrie’s class at the vocational conference in Tucson and spoke highly about the session, so when the workshop was offered, I took advantage.

This was a small class with only 3 members and the training was outstanding. I was so impressed with the class that I bought the entire package for the St. John’s High School Vocational Department.

We plan to use this training to help our students in the various Student Vocational Organization with their public speaking in the various competitions on the State Level.

It is my hope that this program will be adapted for use in the high school classroom. The video is outstanding as is the Coach’s Manuel.”

Written Comments on top Executive’s Conference Speech after the Secrets Course

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“The audience feedback has been outstanding. Thank you again for your assistance, and for always making him feel successful. He has grown so much, none of which would have been possible without your guidance.”

“Was a blockbuster.”

“This was his best speech ever. He’s on his game.”

“Frank, direct and inspiring!!”

“Uplifting…a star to steer my ship to.”

“Presentation was exceptional! He’s always had the passion and today he mastered the polished delivery.”


“Outstanding – should be seen by everyone.”

“Excellent – clear, inspiring and motivating.”

“Very compelling!”

“A great keynote.”

“Helped set the stage for the day.”

“He was at his very best today.”

Bank One, Commercial Real Estate

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Executives, Sales

“I can immediately use what I learned today to improve my presentation skills. Very, very happy I took the class.”

“The course exceeded my expectations. Feedback provided as suggestions for improvement – very effective. Thanks.”

“I’m anxious to put these concepts to use! Thanks!”

Lab Products, Inc.

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Executives, Sales, Scientists

“Thank you for such an excellent presentation and learning experience. We all enjoyed the opportunity to practice public speaking and so enjoyed the video and fun that was incorporated with this presentation.

I was just thrilled to receive the follow up letter with details on improving my speaking and reminders on how to keep focused and remember the clues you supplied. It will be a wonderful help and I can’t wait to use my newfound patterns and images.”

Vroman’s Bookstore

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Kris Vreeland, Manager Children’s Division, Educator

“Through your clearly presented techniques and hands-on tools, I now look forward to opportunities to communicate whether it is on a one-on-one basis or a large audience. I have a new confidence, peace of mind and ease that makes presentations a joy… I would recommend the use of your video program and methods to everyone. If I had received this kind of support and guidance in my seventh grade speech class or even in my acting classes throughout high school and college, the art of effective communication would not have been so intimidating and frightening to me all these years. Thank you for the tools that will enhance both my professional and personal communications from now on.”

Communications Manager

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“I don’t believe I’ve ever had so much fun while learning so much in one short day. Thanks enormously.”

Bank One, Arizona

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Michael Young, VP and Manager Human Resources Education & Development

“As HR Manager, I have access to the finest training available in the country. The Hendrie Method is the ‘best of the best.’ It builds dramatic excellence into public speaking. Graduates exhibit self-confidence and style…and consistently give the “Secrets” Course superb evaluations. We highly recommend it for our executives, managers, retail salespeople, call center employees – anyone who must communicate with clients. The results will far exceed your expectations.”

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