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Kaiser Foundation Health Plan’s Accounting & Finance Department Team

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CPAs, Accountants, Executives, Management

“Best speech class I have attended.”

“The tools provided are extremely valuable to persons/individuals who find themselves uncomfortable presenting in front of people.”

“Awesome course.”

“Great course, which taught me great speaking techniques. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly to others.”

“Excellent class. I learned a lot of great techniques on presentation skills. Great course!”

“Very engaging. Had the entire class participating in exercises. Would recommend class.”

“This was a great class. Thank you for the feedback! I now have a better understanding of what I need to work on. The videotaping was uncomfortable, but I needed to see it so that I can improve.”

“Appreciate positive feedback, energy & encouragement. Great course. Love Stephanie & Alyssa. They rock!”

“This was a challenging class for me but I believe I gained skills that will improve my presentation skills. I’ll keep moving! Thanks Stephanie & Alyssa!“

“Great course!”

“Great class.”

“This was a great class. The videotaping was uncomfortable at first but it showed “Excellent speaking course.”

“Awesome course.”

“Excellent Speaking Course.”

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