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Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Columbus, OH)

“Excellent and very relevant course. Will be useful daily in my career. Well organized and presented – maintained focus, was enjoyable, great atmosphere.”

“This was an extremely enjoyable course. The material covered will be used by all of us regardless of our line of business.“

“This has been the most informational M-SC course I have taken so far. The Instructor made you feel at ease.”

“This was the most useful class I have taken here at Bank One!! Very fun and useful.”

“Great course. And to think I thought I was a good speaker.”

“I strongly recommend wider participation in this course across Bank One.”

“This class was great. I will be able to use the techniques I learned with confidence.”

“This is easily the best class so far. Clear application to my professional life and will clearly enhance others at Bank One.”

“This has been the most worthwhile course out of the 5 I’ve taken already. The instructor is a stellar presenter & teacher. A+++!!”

“Instructor and material was excellent.”

“Overall great course! I like the concepts, which can greatly enhance presentation effectiveness. I will definitely use in presentations.”

“I hope others outside of the M-SC program have the opportunity to experience this class!”

“Excellent & wonderful subject – well thought and presented. I’m glad I signed up for this.”

“This class was excellent!”

‘This course was very interesting & helpful. I felt that the instructor was very interesting and insightful.”

“Thank you for the wonderful program and beautiful letter you sent me. I was really impressed with your program and I’m beginning to see some benefits.”

“Video taping was very helpful! A great class…”

“Great class – Great Instructor”

“The Instructor was great! Most useful course I’ve had in MS-C.”

“Great course. I feel better prepared to speak in front of a group.”

“Great class! Learned a lot about myself, such as speaking style and presentation skills.”

“Terrific course – great companion course to Powerful Presentation Skills. Very impactful, easy to learn steps. Thanks.”

“Super class! Thank you!”

“Excellent class. One of the best in the college.”

“Very good class – should be kept in MS-C.”

Project CENTRL, Center for Rural Leadership

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Hanah Polivka

“Your seminar on the Hendrie Method: Secrets for Exceptional Speaking was absolutely fantastic. I…came away from the seminar with a wealth of information, awareness, and new experiences… I can feel the difference within myself and the process is really fun. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with our class and myself.”

Kaiser Permanente

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Dawn R. Clark, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, San Dimas-BPK Medical Center, KP Regional Assistant Medical Director, Physician Wellness, Chief Facilitator

“I had my first big presentation last week…I felt more confident than I have ever felt in my life – thanks to your unique way of teaching public speaking. IT REALLY RESONATED with me. I was all about the image and the story, and much less attached to each word, which gave me a new freedom that worked well with my personality. Thank you for your help and your enthusiasm.”

Conference Breakout Workshop Sessions (1 Hour)

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Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE), Conference, Arizona Nutrition Network & Social Marketing Conference

Attendees included the following individuals and organizations:

Apache Yavapai Tribe

Arizona Western College (Yuma)

Business Dept.

Casa Grande Union-Tech Prep

Culinary Dept.

Director-P-20 Council

English Dept.

Florence High School

Louise Scott Black Stallion Literacy Retention

Maricopa Unified SD

Math Dept.

Medical Practice Administrator

Pinal County Tech

Prep Prep Director in Yuma

Tech Prep Cochise College

Window Rock USD #8-Board Member

“This is probably the most helpful workshop that I have ever attended.”

“You don’t know how phobic I’ve been speaking to groups of adults. I don’t feel that way anymore! Thanks for the opportunity to go through this training. Once again, Tech Prep has been a visionary entity bringing great information to the forefront of education. Thanks!”

“I feel that students would benefit from this course tremendously.”

“Excellent! Thank you for the opportunity to learn! Students need this – students should be getting this!”

“Thank you for giving me confidence in public speaking.”

“The presenter should be here year after year. It is one of the most usable sessions I have ever attended. Wonderful!”

“Gave me confidence to really put power into my speaking and getting my message across.”

“The Instructor taught and modeled exceptional speaking. She had us participate in activities that were relevant to the subject. The Instructor also provided immediate and thoughtful feedback to each participant. Thank you for the experience; it was exceptional.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed class!”

“This was the best! I learned so much! Well worth the price.”

“Very enjoyable. Actually learned something I can use.”

“Thank you!”

“Enjoyed! Learned a lot! Valuable information and a lot of fun!”

“Outstanding! Opportunity to participate.”

“Well done!”


“Good points!”

“Thank you for your presentation.”

“Great job, thanks.”

“Where do I find out more info?”

“Good stuff.”

“Very enjoyable course. Learned a lot and opened some horizons.”

“Great stuff – I needed this when I was in college or earlier.”

“I would love to have more information on this method. Speakers were exceptional.”

“Good, useful, fun info that is easily applied to everyday life.”

“Bring them back again. They are good.”

“I would love to have more time for this session.”

“Great presentation! I wish you had time to teach us more. Thank you!”

“Fab! Thanks for the info!”

“Excellent presentation!”

“Awesome! Enjoyed!”

“Very good.”

“Fun, great information.”

“This was great. I wish we had more time. This was helpful.”

“Great presentation.”

Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Indianapolis, IN)

“I feel 1,000 times more confident that I can give a successful and (key word here) interesting presentation than I did prior to this class.”

“This will be an exceptional tool whether it be a formal presentation or just trying to make a simple point. It was great to play with the variety of styles to see how each one impacts the same exact words. Great fun! Great job!”

“I learned a lot of techniques, that if practiced on regular basis, will help me presenting for years to come!”

“I really enjoyed this class. I have been through a number of classes and feel very at ease presenting. This was more challenging for me because the teaching is from within, not just steps 1-2-3. I really enjoyed this approach to learning. You did a fabulous job. Best of luck to you and the company. Thank you.”

“Excellent job! These are skills that I (we) can use (implement). This was an excellent class! Thank you!”

“Had a wonderful experience today! Learned a great deal. Thanks.”

“Great class!”

“Excellent Class!”

Transportation Planner

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Anish C. Korula

“I wanted to thank you for your time and effort during our Executive Session for the Secrets of Exceptional Speaking. Before I took this course, I had no idea what to expect. The ideas and techniques were new to me, but by the end of the course, I was amazed at how it all made sense…I look forward to a long partnership with you both.”

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

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Nicole F. Lowrie, MHSA, IA, Regional Consulting Senior Manager

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic training last week. The feedback has been overwhelming…. “

Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Dallas, TX)

“Great material. I will use it the rest of my days.”

“Excellent class. Techniques very easy to follow. Everyone in the class improved 100%. Fantastic instructor.”

“Very good at breaking down old barriers and bad habits.”

“Outstanding course. Excellent facilitation. Recommend to all MS-C participants. Very useful information…”

“I hate to get in front of people to speak. This will help me sooo much. I will have fun with this.”

“This was a great course and will be extremely helpful in a wide variety of settings both in work and personal.”

“This course was wonderful. I will be able to incorporate this immediately in my job.”

“This was the best M-SC class I have taken. The instructor is excellent and in this one course taught me the techniques for delivering presentations, of which I’ve needed for many, many years.”

“I wish I took this class at the beginning of the year. Awesome class.”

“Very informational, fast paced and fun!”

“Great course. Should offer it next year.”

“Excellent class. Showed steps on how to speak effectively.”

“Excellent course. Excellent instructor!!!”

“Enjoyed your class!”

“Great class.“

“Excellent class – love the interaction.”

“Awesome course!”

“Excellent class & person!”

“Very helpful content.”

“Great Class!”

“Loved the interactive learning, practicing & expanding skills.”

“This was the hardest, most fulfilling, course that I’ve had so far (I’ve had four other courses)”

“Great presentation of material. Pausing & connecting with audience. Good tools. I have taken course after course on meetings & speaking. This class taught me more on actual presentation.”

“Great class! A lot of fun!”

“Excellent instruction and material. Learned a lot.”

Bank One

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Senior Executive

“Thank you for your very kind note. I must say that contrary to what I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and working with you. You did an excellent job, and your unique approach to training people for speech and video presentations is excellent. I will try to remember all the suggestions you left with us when I am in action in front of an audience or camera.”

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