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“Your course changed my life. I was so afraid of speaking in public that I couldn’t even say my name without trembling…now I actually look forward to getting up in front of people.”


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“I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your workshop. It was enormous fun as well as being extremely educational. Prior to taking the workshop I was absolutely terrified of speaking before groups; the idea of giving interviews filled me with anxiety, and the very thought of having to appear on television was enough to make me take me to bed. All of that is changed. Regardless of the circumstances, or how I feel at the time. I know that I can do all of the above with confidence and ease, even enjoyment! Thank you for your invaluable help.”

Antares Corporation

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Executive, Management & Sales Team

“This course is the first course I have taken which I will actually apply to my job & life”

“Thank you so much! It was a wonderful experience that will prove to be very useful in many aspects of our lives.”

“Excellent course in Public Speaking & Presentation Skills. Our instructor is an excellent facilitator. Overall excellent class. Thank you!”

“This course has been extremely helpful and explained many things that I can use in my career. Thank you!!”

“A+. Your lecture was so interesting I didn’t realize you were teaching.”

“This was wonderful! I loved seeing myself and different techniques I can use. But I also loved watching others.”

“Most beneficial and then some. Thank you.”

“This course was awesome. I really enjoyed and learned a lot.”

“Extremely practical info that can be implemented immediately. Not intimidating – encouraged a willing participation.”

“The formation was easy to understand and was well presented. It is also easy to remember.”

“Really learned a lot that I can apply. Worth the whole day!! Thank you so much!”

“I found he course to be interesting and fun.”

“Very kind environment. Easy to understand. Great encouragement!”

“A lot of fun and constructive.”

“Many good strategies. Video was worthwhile.”

Dignity Health

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Rich Wilburn, Organization Development Consultant

“You know the Hendrie Method Technique is successful when it becomes so ingrained that it has become a part of you. It is no longer simply a course, but you use the technique without even thinking about it. The 3 Key Elements have become second nature to the point that my coworkers say to me ‘you’ve always done that’ and I tell them ‘not always…'”

Human Resources Manager

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“[The President] called a meeting with me after your training. He talked for almost an hour about what he had learned. Rarely have I seen [someone] who is normally very reserved and serious, as excited.”

Arizona FFA (Future Farmers of America)

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“I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned a lot about pausing and hand gestures, which I really needed help with. I’ve never really been very comfortable with the way I used my hands when I would speak and now I am a lot more comfortable. The pause exercise was great too. I have a bad habit of not pausing when I should, and this should help me where I should pause, and that a pause is okay. Overall, the seminar really expanded my knowledge on Public Speaking. And now I know I will be better at it. I encourage you to show this to more kids. It will really help. And the instructor was wonderful. She did an excellent job of teaching us all the information making it fun. Thanks again”

Senior Executive

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“Best course I’ve ever had to assist me with proper presentation skills.”

Arizona Department of Agriculture

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Roland Mader, Program Administrator & Manager

“The course showed me that I need a lot of practice and explained how I can do it. This course applies 100% to what I do in my job. Thank you.”

Bank One, Consumer Lending (Lexington, KY)

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Executives, Sales

“Can’t believe how fast the 8 hours went by. Fun, interesting & substantially interactive. Great job & thank you.”

“Excellent Course – Thoroughly Enjoyed It!!”

“Fantastic course! (Jab). I will recommend to others (small round gentle). Can’t wait for the follow-up class (little dabs). Thank you (large round slow).”

“Very helpful!! I look forward to trying this in real time.”

“Nice job!!”

“Very helpful – thank you.”

“Thank you!”

“Very unique approach! I closely associate these techniques with personality traits that we discover in Meyers-Briggs/Colors and it was great to find another way to flex into areas that I am not as comfortable in – and see that I can use them effectively!”

Law School Student

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“I’m excited to go back to law school and use these methods for mock trial and business presentations – thank you!”

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