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Letter from Australian Executive after taking the Secrets Course Online

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“Very good. No, seriously good. Excellent in fact. It is an approach which is quite different from (and much better than) any speaking training I have undertaken before.

Someone once said to me that the key measures for any successful online course are ‘usability’ (how easy is the course to access/understand),’content’ (how compelling is it to the user to maintain their interest and involvement) and ‘usefulness’ (can the course elements be easily applied or adapted to suit ones need). All I can say, from my own user experience, is that your course deserves a BIG tick+ on all counts. Furthermore a clear navigation path, and a skilful blend of video presentation and back up printed guides and resource materials make for a very user-friendly site. Your hard work and perseverance to get it right is rewarded on this point alone.

Having said that I must now confess that when I first learnt that you were embarking on this project, I thought hmmm…not sure how this is going to work online. Not that I doubted your ability to make it so because the content is so well constructed and well executed in practice over many
years. But given that public speaking training is such a group/one-on-one dynamic, involving an acute personal interaction between teacher and student, my initial thought was how does one, through this medium, successfully engender that ‘spirit of connection’ to ensure an effective communication of the lessons?

Not surprisingly any concern in this regard was soon put aside the further I progressed through the course. For the way you in which you have edited and integrated your video components to compliment the lesson modules, works beautifully in taking the online student ‘inside the room’ and ‘face to face’ with the teacher (so to speak). This is particularly realized in the conversational connection section (8) but generally all the content and level of instruction is spot on. And the element of ‘have fun while learning’, which is part of your course mantra, is wonderfully sustained throughout.

Einstein may have lost the plot when it came to the technique associated with conversational connection, but one thing he did say was: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Having now seen you awaken that joy, via this program, I can
think of no higher compliment to extend to you. Well done and thank you.” – Richard Watts

Attorney at Law

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“Thank you for a fantastic course. I’m looking forward to applying the tools of your course in front of audiences of 13 people—12 jurors and 1 judge. In the meantime I’m trying to apply these same techniques/tools in all my communications. I cannot think of a finer instructor and role model [through your personal demonstrations], for the mind-opening course that you have created.”

Valley National Corporation

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Executives, Managers

“Best class I’ve ever had to assist me with proper presentation skills.”

“I really enjoyed the class! I can strongly say that my presentation skills and stage fright are diminished. Great class!”

“An excellent method of teaching. Participants could see themselves improving.”

“The course exceeded my expectations.”

“Very helpful!”

“Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Kept the class very interesting and exciting. Everything I learned in this class will be useful even in day to day situations and conversations.”

“Extremely valuable course! Although I was hesitant when I saw the video equipment, I think it was one of the most important tools. It was important to get critiqued by the instructor, but it was extremely important to see myself in the different situations and the growth I had.”

“Excellent instructor. Very good at instruction! Video was a crucial part of the class.”

“I thought the class was great. The Instructor was excellent at what she teaches.”

“I would thoroughly enjoy taking a “refresher” course from the instructor…she is wonderful!”

Arizona Department of Education Career and Technical Education (CTE)

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Superintendents, Directors, Administrators, Managers

Departments Represented


ADE IT Department


Assessment Program

Basic Grants

Business and Marketing

Civic Engagement

Contracts Management

Finance Department, Career and Technical Education

Director of Development, FFA Foundation

Education and Training

Education Program

Education Programs Mgmt Info

Engineering Services


Family and Consumer Sciences


Grant Services

Health Careers

Industrial Trades Education



Professional Development

Programs of Study

Rigorous Program of Study

Special Grants/OCR

Web and Database


“Great instructor! This course was most enjoyable, more importantly, knowledgeable. It certainly helped me to relax and be more confident. I will certainly use these techniques I learned should I ever have to speak. Thanks very much!”

“Thank you – most beneficial – enjoyable!”

“I learned so much today and am excited for the rest of the classes. Thanks!”

“Great techniques! “Beats” & “movement exercises” are what I was missing from my public presentations. Very helpful.”

“Thank you so much!!”

“Thank you! Great information.”

“This was great! Thank you!”

“Presenters were excellent. Loved how they interacted with the group.”

“Looking forward to Part 2”

“Thank you!”

“Really enjoyed the class. Felt more confident this time around.”

“Great course! Thank you!”

“I learned a lot – Jerks & Angles!”

“Great help in pointing out what is needed and how to do it better.”

“I learned a lot! Thank you!”

“Great Job! Nice to have follow up sessions.”

“Excellent!! Thank you.”

“Great job. I can really relate! “

“Thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone.”

“Great Job!”

“Got me out of my comfort zone.”

“Great tips.”

Bank One Executive Commendation Letter

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“This is the first course on speaking that I have ever taken that has had such a major impact on helping me improve my skills. I speak at seminars on a regular basis and I am excited and looking forward to applying and developing the techniques you taught us. I can honestly say that I had gotten myself into a rut, not realizing that I had so much more potential. Being able to understand what I was doing for the first time and what I do best has given me more confidence. I had taken so many things for granted when preparing a presentation before the course.

You should have seen me when I got home and practiced this on my kids. I had them glued to the chair when I look them in the eye, paused for a second, and asked them a simple question, “So, (pause), what have you been doing (pause) while dad has been traveling this week?” You should have seen their faces. Yes, as you said, this can be a lot of fun.

Thanks again for your personal touch, your incredible supportive approach to teaching and for helping me find the, ‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking.’”

Small Business Owner

on Nov 25, 2014 in | 0 comments

“I had privileged of viewing your Self-Study DVD…I think you are a big star. You are excellent, the very best DVD package I have personally ever seen…he quality and superior job that was done to produce the whole package. You are very, very good, it is an excellent video, the best I have ever seen, and certainly the world needs to have access to that.”

Arizona Farm Bureau Federation Professional

on Nov 25, 2014 in | 0 comments

“Thank you for the most exceptional seminar!! And thank you for sharing your Secrets of Exceptional Speaking…WOW! I am using what you taught us already, and will continue to do so.”

Kaiser Training Executive

on Nov 25, 2014 in | 0 comments

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic training last week.

The feedback has been overwhelming…. the group found it useful. They saw aspects of their presentation styles that were not realized previously.”

Bank One

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Investment Advisors, Bankers, National Trainers (Milwaukee, WI)

“Best day I’ve ever spent in any training or educational program.”

“Tips to last a lifetime.”

“This was absolutely fabulous. Thanks!”

“This course provided very good information and instruction to help me break old habits. It also provided the resources to assist in continued practices. Overall a very worthwhile investment of time.”

“This course points out very useful, simple rules for speaking, especially to those very uncomfortable speaking publically. By the end of the day, I learned enough to be comfortable speaking with short prep time and knew valuable pointers to use while speaking.”

“It was GREAT!”

“Good feedback to all participants throughout the day. Well-organized course with basic, clear principles that are easily applied. Good use of videotaping and review of participants during the exercises. Summarized principles at the back of the instruction book will serve as a great planning and delivery tools in the future.”

“Wanted to share a quick success story with you. During a recent presentation I had a punch line, which needed some “power” on one particular word. I struggled as I practiced over and over again. I then remembered a technique from The Hendrie Method – use your body to give you strength and power. I was able to use my arms at that particular point to allow my voice and body to convey the exact emphasis I wanted. A small victory, but it certainly allowed me to relax during the presentation.”

Senior Executive

on Nov 25, 2014 in | 0 comments

“Stephanie was an excellent instructor. I feel this is very difficult area for me; yet, she had the patience the knowledge to give each one of us guidance. I feel this is one of the best courses I have taken.”

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