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Project CENTRL, Center for Rural Leadership

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Letter from the CENTRL Director

“I am writing to share with you the seminar evaluations and comments received from 30 members of Project CENTRL Class XVII who actively participated in your “Secrets” course last November. As these ratings clearly show, your training continues to be a valuable part of the CENTRL Leadership experience. Most importantly, I can see great progress in the quality of public speaking performances among alumni after completing our workshop. Your proven training, which started with CENTRL in 1998, has reached four classes and a total of 115 rural leaders in Arizona. We are delighted with this positive impact in our rural leadership development program.”
Everett Roads, CENTRL Director

Arizona FFA (Future Business Leaders of America)

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Central Region Vice President

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the impact that you have made in my life, as well as the other Arizona FBLA State Officers. If you remember (student) and how shy he was, I just wanted to let you know that he did tremendously well at Thursday night’s business dinner. In fact, we all received raves from the audience as we gave our speeches. You workshop as not only fun but extremely beneficial and you really touched our hearts more than you will ever know.”

“Thank you so much for coming and teaching us Secrets for Exceptional Speaking. I learned so much from you and I feel a lot more confident now as a speaker. I appreciate very much the time you put into helping the other officers and myself develop our speaking skills and I admire all that you do. Thank you again for everything.”

Kaiser Permanente

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Senior Executive

“Excellent course. Unexpected learning. Better than I expected. I will make much greater use of gestures/animation to convey emotion. I enjoyed the entire day, particularly the development of the integration of the 3 basic elements in my presentation.”

Valley National Bank of Arizona

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Senior Vice President & Manager

“Thank you for your recent letter. I appreciate the comments and advice. I have already had one occasion to practice my newfound skills and I believe the results showed a marked improvement over past efforts. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the course. It was extremely educational and a lot of fun. You deserve a lot of credit for taking three straitlaced bankers and have them enjoy making fools of themselves! Best wishes for continued success.”

Arizona FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

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State President

“I just wanted to send you a little thank you note for the amazing workshop you presented to myself and the other Arizona FBLA State Officers. I got a lot out of it and I know the other officers did too. I really appreciate you taking the time to give us your presentation. I am looking forward to seeing you again at our first Fall Leadership Development Conference. Thanks again!”


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“I sat down yesterday to watch your DVD. I was going to watch the first 15 minutes like you suggested, but it was so fascinating that I ended up watching the entire DVD. It was great! You really do a wonderful job, and I can see why everyone loves your classes.”

Bank One

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Manager of Training

“Your personal presentation skills workshop continues to receive excellent evaluations. It is one of the best training events we have had in recent years. The instruction received praise from some “hard sell” participants who are very pleased they attended. One example is the manager of a large division who is encouraging his management team to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their presentation skills.

I continue to receive this kind of positive feedback from many workshop participants. They all appear eager to recommend the training to others. Having been a participant, I know the value of the training and can recognize how much others can benefit. It is a pleasure to promote a workshop where people can see the evidence of improvement in their skills. In addition, I know the participants are in for an enjoyable and interesting experience. I look forward to continuing the workshops and providing ongoing training for past participants.”

Student Leadership Organizations State Officer Training

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High School & College Students

Organizations Represented

Career & Technical Student Organization (Skills USA)

Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs (DECA)

Family Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Future Educators Association (FEA)

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Technology Student Association (TSA)

Schools Represented

Academy High School

Alchesay High School

Bagdad High School

Benson Cochise High School

Boulder Creek High School

Bradshaw Mountain High School

Buckeye High School

Casa Grande High School

Centennial High School

Chino Valley High School

Coconino High School

Coolidge High School

CREST High School

East Valley Inst of Tech

Estrella Foothills High School

Florence High School

Flowing Wells High School

Grand Canyon University

Kingman High School

Kofa High School

McClintock High School

Mohave High School

Nogales High School

Paradise Valley High School

Peoria High School

Peoria High School

Safford High School

Sahuarita High School

Sahuaro High School

San Tan Foothills High School

St. Johns High School

Superior High School

Thunderbird High School

Tonopah Valley High School

Tucson Magnet High School

University of Arizona

Vista Grande High School

“It was my second time and I learned so much the first time – life changing. This time was even better – awesome job. Thank you!”

“This course was absolutely amazing! All the topics will take practice but we were given extremely clear ways to do so. I enjoyed this so much! I really believe that this method exudes the quote, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for life.” Thank you for teaching me to fish.”

“My sister told me this course was really good but I had no idea. It was very, very good! It really makes you think of things you wouldn’t normally. I think it’s really going to help. The Course was excellent.”

“It blew my mind! I learned a lot and had fun doing it!”

“Very informative course! I will definitely use these techniques in my speaking throughout the year.”

“This is an amazing course. From the beginning to the end I noticed a huge improvement in not only me but from everyone else too.”

“I was afraid of speaking in front of others before this course and now I feel I can do it. Thank you very much!

“Great course! Have loved it for 3 years.”

“This was truly an amazing course! Normally speaking comes naturally, but I’ve learned new ways to make my speaking better!”

“Amazing course that gave me confidence & techniques to speak in front of people.”

“I really enjoyed the active participation. Thank you so much for doing this great workshop for us.”

“I loved the course and the steps for our specific group (State Officers)…”

“Loved all of it.”

“My speaking skills have been taken to a new level. Thank you so much!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing day yesterday in speaking training. I really feel like I have a much better handle as well as approach to speaking. It was an honor to work with you. THANKS AGAIN!”

“Coach and course were both outstanding! I learned so much, the skills I learned will help me with all my speaking needs.”

“Exceptional course for exceptional speaking! I would hire the coach/program anytime!”

“Thank you so much! Loved it! I definitely plan on using these skills in Orlando, FL, during my national speaking competition.”

“This program didn’t only improve my speaking skills but it also improved and gave me more confidence in myself.”

“I didn’t just circle “excellent” to be nice, I circled them because it was true.”

“This was a great course, I had a blast! Thank you for coming, my speaking abilities improved immensely from two days ago.”

“This Course was even better going through it a second time. I simply cannot wait to put the speaking skills I gained to use. Thank you

“Very effective. Very fun. It helps you in a field (public speaking) that you will use continuously throughout life.”

“I learned a lot from this fun and interactive course! This training has helped increase my confidence in communicating with others; I look forward to using the
techniques in presentations.”

“This will definitely help for speeches and presentations in school as well as simply holding conversations with people. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about this course. Thank you so much for taking time to coach us in our speaking skills.”

“This course was fantastic! I would totally do it again. As a state officer for Arizona FBLA, I will use my newfound skills to help others as well as my club.”

“I already feel that my public speaking has improved, along with my stage fright. Thank you so much I can share what I’ve learned with my school chapter and apply the information when I am giving presentations.”

“I feel more confident in my abilities through this course, thank you! The course was great! This will help in presentations and state officer speeches

“These skills are wonderful techniques to learn. It helped me become a better public speaker! Act better You were great!”

“Fun! Now I’ll know how to talk in front of any crowd & in job interviews. I think this class should be expanded to more high school students.”

“It will help me sound more confident and entertaining when speaking or presenting something. This should be given to others outside of our group”

“Amazing! Love how you looked for the positive. In many classes, I have to give many formal presentations. This will help me interact with the audience.”

“I really enjoyed the commercials and interacting as a group, and not individuals. I will use he different ways to present a speech, and in classes by presenting my work and assignments.”

“I feel more confident in my speaking abilities now. Thank you for your help!”

“This training helps me to be able to express myself differently for every situation.”

“I would love more of the Secrets Course skills training. I feel as if we can all continue to grow with this training. It will help me speak at school assemblies and at school board meetings.”

“Thank you for teaching us! I learned so much and will use all my training to become a better officer. Just from these 8 hours, I’m more confident in myself as a speaker. Using my training will make me a better speaker for events and reading essays or presentations in class.”

“Good class! 7 hours went by fast. I really liked it. It will help me in public speaking and even help me analyze English work. I would be interested in more Secrets Course skills training.”

“I really enjoyed this course and found it extremely helpful. It was effective and fun. I wouldn’t change anything. I use the technique to make my speeches or just my presentations more fun and interesting.”

“I enjoyed the interaction with the course. The activities and lessons made learning fun. I have learned a lot about public speaking. {I will use the training when talking to my classmates and teacher. Also to present in a classroom setting.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to help me learn how to speak in front of people. I enjoyed the class/training and will use it when I talk to my peers or for any presentation.”

“Thank you for your time. Your daughter and you are fantastic coaches. I appreciate all you’ve done, and will be using everything you taught us.”

“Very helpful & simple enough.”

“I loved the coaches during this course! They were fun, exciting and funny! The commercials were my favorite part of the course

“You were absolutely fantastic! I also want to apologize for my laugher. This course is wonderful.”

“Even this being my second time through the course, it helped me a lot. I get stronger at public speaking because of this course! I like it a lot.”

“Ms. Hendrie is an excellent coach! And I love the exercises used to help us learn. I’ll be presenting a very important but boring subject and this will help!”

“Thank you”

“It was so wonderful and she helped

“This was my second time going through the training and it was a wonderful refresher! Thank you!”

“Awesome! I know now I will be able to confidently speak on stage.”

“Thank you for helping me! I learned a lot.”

“Thank you, it was an exceptional course!”

“It was great! I usually don’t like workshops but I loved this one.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work

“Even though I have taken this course, I learned so much. Thank you!”

“I am really excited to use my new skills in my public speaking & everyday experiences. The only thing that I’d ever change would be who could participate. I believe that if more people could do this, more people would appreciate speaking and be better at it

“Great course! I learned a lot. Thank you.”

“Awesome course.”

“Had lots of fun, learned lots.”

“The Instructor’s excellent! Thank you for your time.”

“I really liked the way she explained everything. She honestly really helped me. I feel like I’ll be able to really do this whenever I talk.”

“I think this will help a lot. Thanks!”

“This workshop was one of the best that I have ever been a part of.”

“This was definitely not expected. The exercises were great and made the time bass quickly. Definitely shows improvement & recommend to others.”

“Very awesome course! Learned a lot about what I can do! Gained confidence.”

“The first speech my heart was racing. The last speech I was very confident!!! Thank you so much, it helped me a lot.”

“Loved the course! Absolutely useful.”

“Great programs.”

“Thought the course was great!”

“The instructor is super personal and fun.”

“I feel like a much better speaker now.”

“Very fun and informative course!”

“Great coach! Great Course!”

“This course was a great time! I look forward to utilizing these techniques in the future.”

“Thank you for helping me be a better speaker…definitely a beneficial program! I am now fully motivated to speak.”

“Thank you for coming today and giving up the time for us to become better public speakers.”

“I really feel like this will help me slow down my speech. Thank you soooo much for your time and effort.”

“A very different yet informative course. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed this course! I learned so much. When we first gave the speech I was so nervous, however throughout the day, I no longer was nervous, but excited.”

“Great presentation.”

“It was interesting.”

“The lesson on gestures & pausing really helped. I feel comfortable moving around when I speak now. Thanks so much

“You are amazing, Mrs. Hendrie.”

“I loved this course! I was able to take skills I already had and use them to learn to speak better (actually exceptionally well.) It was wonderful and I will never forget
this lesson!”

“This course is AMAZING! Extremely fun. I learned so much. Thanks. Loved the coach. She’s great.”

“I believe this course is essential for all student leaders to become great public speakers.”

“I would really enjoy seeing more students go through this course.”

“I believe this workshop is very beneficial towards students as well as teachers.”

“Super fun and knowledgeable at the same time. Can’t wait to test in real life.”

“I really feel I can be an effective public speaker. I feel confident. I could manage any presentation stress. FCCLA is the best…I’m just sayin’…”

“I think our teachers should get this training and also more schools. I know my classmates would really enjoy it!!”

“Kept up good energy and worked well/encouraged students who were scared/unsure. Very nice”

“Thank you for your time! We appreciate the help”

“The activities were fun.”

“Loved it! This course has helped me improve so much in my communication skills and presenting speeches. Thank you so much!”

“I thought this course was very informative and gave me a lot of insight

“I feel this course has taught me a lot about how easy and effective speaking is. I feel I have more confidence and interest in speaking. Thank you!”

“I honestly loved everything about it. It was taught to us in a fun way that didn’t feel like we were in school. Mrs. Hendrie didn’t get annoyed with us when we started acting a little silly. She was very patient and kind.”

“I really enjoyed his course. I gained so much knowledge and encouragement for public speaking. Thank you so much for providing this. Well worth the time.”

“Excellent! Well worth the time and very informative. Setup was great and professionalism was appreciated. Very helpful and worthwhile. Well worth it. Yay.”

“I really enjoyed Secrets for Exceptional Speaking. I feel I can give a better presentation now from all the skills and told I gained from today.”

“I love this class. It was so much fun.”

“Very helpful! Great course material and audio-visuals. Thanks again for everything.”

“This is the 2nd time I have completed this course and it really helped me re-learn some presentation skills I missed beforehand. I really enjoyed it!”

“This was fun! I assumed that it was going to be so boring, but was pleasantly surprised at how much fun we all had!”

“Today’s experience was a wonderful and productive one – my sincere thanks!”

“I like positive feedback, rather than saying, “don’t do this and that” because it really made you understand what the whole purpose is.”

“Enjoyed the class. Helps me feel more confident.”


“This course was very valuable to help add interest and professionalism to speeches. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. I will be giving speeches at my upcoming spring conference, and I feel very prepared to give an amazing speech!”

“Extremely worth taking the course. I learned so much and it was fun & interactive.”

“I believe every state and chapter officer for any student organization should experience this.”

“This course was excellent! It gave equal participation opportunities to everyone. These techniques I will most definitely use!”

“The course went extremely well. I am completely compelled with the experience and loved every second.”

“This was GREAT and I learned many techniques applicable to the real world. Mrs. Hendrie is a phenomenal coach.”

“Great class. I took his course last year and still got better today

“I loved learning about exceptional speaking with you. You made it so much more fun!”

“I loved the course!”

“I am really glad HOSA was funded this year. This experience was so helpful and the course has provided resources to help me carry on these skills in every aspect of my life.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful learning experience! I will carry these tools with me for the rest of my life!”

“Loved this course! Very fun and I saw a huge transformation in everyone!”

“This was great! I can’t wait to use these techniques throughout this year and the rest of my life.”

“Learned a lot! Very applicable to real life.”

“Great course.”

“Amazing Class. I am so much more confident of a speaker now because of this course.”

“I was required to take a 15 week public speaking class through GCU and this paired with it very well.”

“It was fabulous! For me, public speaking is a lot scarier than swimming with sharks. But I feel so confident with it now. It was a priceless experience.”

“This was an amazing course! The skills I’ve acquired today will never be forgotten.”

“This course was absolutely amazing! I came feeling terrified and left feeling great! I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“Very useful course that will be useful in many aspects of life.”

“It was extremely engaging and informative. It brought public speaking into a new light.”

“Very fun and upbeat. Helped a lot being comfortable & speaking.”

“This class was great! It shows how something so scary can turn into something you actually like.”

“Very light hearted, put me at ease, learned a lot and had fun!”

“The Instructor does such a tremendous job showing my State Officers how to relax and enjoy the training. This is an invaluable raining that every student should experience. Thank you so much!”

“I loved it! The course is dramatic, comfortable & encouraging.”

“This course was excellent. It taught me great strategies to use while sounding conversational

“Great program. It will help me with future plans. I have learned a lot that will help me be a great speaker and leader.”

“Everything was great. Learned a lot. Very beneficial.”

“It’s an excellent program and can even offer a seasoned speaker a new ability to learn.”

“I think this course was exceptionally great! The skills I learned will always stay with me. This was perfect for what I have to do. Thank you.”

“I had a blast. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s awesome.”

“Wonderful! I absolutely LOVED it! You are such a wonderful presenter! It’s awesome. Thank you very much.”

“I liked it. I think that all public officials should take this course.”

“I loved the course.”

“This was the most beneficial course for me as developing speaker.”

“It was an excellent applicable course. I would have never been able to learn the material from another source because it is so unique.”

“Great course for ANY leader.”

“It is amazing to see the difference in communicating & confidence. It is important to learn the simple things first and this course explains those steps to you; I would highly recommend this course.”

“Good for helping develop shyer speakers. Great for developing movement.”

“I think this course would be great for everyone, but it especially helped me. Sometimes I am slightly frightened at this, but though this course, I received the tools I need to help better my skills.”

“Super cool ideas! Now we can critique each other and be able to understand and use it.”

“I think this course shows a different way of speaking and is really effective in a positive way. I learned a lot and had fun!”

“This program is great!!! I look forward to seeing it in FFA programs and hope to go through it again. Thank you for coming.”

“I had a great time! I learned so much. It’s amazing how something so small can make a huge difference in a presentation. I am definitely going to use every technique I learned. Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job!!”

“It is very easy to practice so I have no excuse for not doing it. The day flew by because as the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” The skills I learned will always stay with me.”

“I was really able to discover what I can do to be able to present and speak better. This course was extremely helpful and will be throughout life.”

“It was an amazing course. I was never bored and learned things that I never thought I would. The different styles made me a much more relaxed speaker. Thanks.”

“I really enjoyed the background imaging portion – I never realized that we all do that!”

“This program is great!!! I look forward to seeing it in FFA programs and hope to go through it again. Thank you for coming!”

“I feel that this would be an awesome asset to our members with this course. I feel that it would even increase our member leadership. This is great! Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

“I learned a lot.”

“I feel better prepared to communicate a message and get the appropriate emotions.”

“I will work on this and am interested in taking the refresher course before my retirement speech.”

“It was really helpful to learn how to speak and make it able for people to learn.”

“Learned a lot. Had a ton of fun while preparing skills that will be helpful in speeches and in my future.”

“It was really helpful! Learned a lot I can apply.”

“Thank you! I learned a lot!!”

“I learned a lot that will help me so much.”

“Thank you so much for putting this on for us. I really learned a lot from it! I appreciate your kindness and respect for us! Thanks again, I had fun.”

“Thanks for the coaching. This is an essential skill that I will use in my future.”


“Very good program. It was a privilege to learn this from you. You really opened my eyes about public speaking.”

“The Instructor not only related well to the participants but had the uncanny ability to make everyone feel comfortable and eager to participate. Thanks very much!”

“The coach did an amazing job. This course teaches you a great technique for public speaking and helps build up confidence. Thank you for your advice.”

“It was a lot of fun!! Thank you so much!! I learned a lot!!”

“This was awesome! I had so much fun and I know this will help me in the future with speaking. I am so glad I had the opportunity to do this course.”

“Was informative as well as entertaining.”

“Helped me find my strong suits when it comes to public speaking; enjoyed and better understood the connection with the audience.”

“I had lots of fun!”

“I feel confident in my ability to entertain others with one of my presentations

“Very educated and worthwhile.”

“Thank you for a great beginning! These techniques are really going to help me this year! It was also a lot of fun!”

“I enjoyed learning the techniques. It was unnatural to implement them realistically at first. That will come with time. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.”

“It really helped me feel comfortable using different kinds of emotion in speaking.”


“This was a great tool for our state office team getting advice and new perspectives will really serve us well!”

“Perfect, now I need to apply it.”

“I really did enjoy the coaching – I thought the course information was valuable, creative and I was never board. THANK YOU!!”

“This was a wonderful course. It helped me to know that it is ok to relax while speaking. Great job! Thank you!”

“This course changed my outlook on the importance of emotions and imaging. The instructor even helped one of my teammates who has struggled with stuttering for years. That meant so much to us. THANK YOU!”

“I really liked the fact that it was so interesting and helped me gain a better style of speaking.”

“I believe that this is a wonderful course.”

“Very educational with what I have learned today. I feel I will be able to use this more throughout my life.”

“This course was very interactive and attention getting. The information was presented in a new and informative way. I will definitely look back and do future studies so as not to lose this information. This process has really helped me to not focus so much on what I am saying, rather than how I’m saying it.”

“I use your training everywhere.”

“Excellent! Amazing Mrs. Hendrie is exceptional. She helps with speaking and finding your abilities. She knows how to find the right words and get them out there! The best speaking training I have ever had! She is absolutely amazing!”

“Amazing! Thank you so much!”

“This course is amazingly unique because we learned how to talk to our audience and not at them. We have all been taught how to prepare a presentation, yet, have never had to learn how to effectively relate and communicate; which this course accomplished!”

“Related not only to my job, but life as well. This is my second time with this class. It helped me even more to re-learn all the material.”

“I loved this session. I learned so much in such a small amount of time. I hope that state officers in following years have the same opportunity o take this. Thank you!”

“This helped me SO much! Thank you!”

“I loved this course. I cannot wait to use the techniques I was taught. Your patience and kindness shows through what you have presented. Thank you!”

“This course was amazing. We used every bit of class time and learned a lot. I know that this class will help me with communicating and sounding sincere with all of the different techniques we learned.”

“This coach is very helpful and pays attention to detail. She also has a lot of insight and knowledge on the subject. This course helped me much after the first time and I am sure this refresher course will help just as much.”

“Really helped me a lot with movement and speech ideas.”

“The instructor is great at what she does. She really made me think about my speech and how I present. She really helps to think outside the box with what I am thinking.”

“So much to learn. Make sure Mrs. Hendrie keeps teaching us! It actually helps!”

“Even taking this course for the 2nd time I felt like I was learning new techniques to apply to my speaking presentations. Thanks!”

“I believe this training is efficient for supplementing my responsibilities as a state FFA Officer.”

“This course helped me a lot in developing body movement. Also, I understand imaging a lot better and will use it in my daily life

“This course was a lot of fun. I cannot believe how much we learned in one day. You could even see a drastic change in my teammates from the beginning of the course to the end

“Thank you, it was very useful. I definitely can prepare myself better now.”

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was very helpful and we all learned tips that will help us tremendously. Thank you again!”

“It was awesome. I highly recommend this to leaders everywhere

“This course will really help me in the real world.”

“It really helped me improve my speaking abilities in the amount of time it took. I know how to improve as a speaker. It was fun too!”

“It was fun! The Instructor is great…I’m really grateful to have taken this course”.

“I loved it! I had a steady pace and never got boring. I think the use of the camera was very effective.”

“After reviewing my speaking skills both before and after the course, I saw a remarkable difference. My words seem more alive and genuine. I will definitely use the techniques I learned and teach them to my classmates.”

“The course and the coach were absolutely amazing. I don’t think I have ever learned about something out of my comfort zone this quickly. I feel as if I can go and give a speech at any conference with confidence because of this course.”

“My public speaking has improved tremendously after this course. I learned so much in just a couple of hours yesterday, and I feel so much more confident about my speaking.”

“The Coach was great and has helped me get over a great portion of my fear of giving speeches.”

“I know I will benefit from this! I would truly recommend it to anybody!”

“I can completely say that the improvement that was made with each individual was dramatically different. Thanks.”

“This was an amazing experience! I learned so much. It has changed my way of speaking.”

“I loved it so much!”

“I have recommended your class to everyone! Thank you in a big way!”

“It really helped me see an understanding on how I need to improve. It was really worth my time.”

“Great coach! Excellent teaching strategies! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs public speaking training.”

“You did such an amazing job and I am so happy that I get to take your course. I improved so much because you are an amazing teacher!! Thank you so much

“At first was skeptical to what I was about to learn, however, when I leaned that it would be something quite fun I was excited. Thank you!”

“This was amazing!!! I wish I could spend more time.”

“I loved the course. It was fun and educational.”

“I learned a lot of new things that are very helpful.”

“Good introductory course that analyzes how to be a good public speaker and how to avoid being a bad public speaker.”

“It was a good course, I learned different new things that made me a better speaker.”

“She was awesome and really listened to me & coached me so well.”

“I liked it a lot!! I know I will benefit from this! I would truly recommend it to anybody!”

“Thanks for the class. It was an awesome and educational event. The coach was great and has helped me get over a great portion of my fear of giving speeches.”

“Thanks for the class. It was an awesome and educational event.”


“Great learning experience. A lot to learn but great information.”

“I loved it! Hopefully it helps me communicate better. Thanks.”

“Thank you for taking the time to present a wonderful seminar to us, the Arizona FBLA State Officer team. We had a great time learning and moving! Your secrets truly will continue to make a difference throughout our state officer careers and the rest of our lives. Thank you again!”

“On behalf of the Future Business Leaders of America State Officer Team, I would like to thank you for spending your time on teaching us to be exceptional speakers. You are an amazing instructor. You spoke to us in a way that we could relate to you. Thank you for focusing on the positive and making it a great experience.”

“On behalf of the entire Arizona FBLA State Officer team, I would like to thank you for your incredible workshop on public speaking. You methods are innovative and effective. We will all take them to heart. You were entertaining and your optimistic attitude carried over into everything you did. We hope to get the opportunity to work with that same charm in the future. Thank you for everything!”

“This was an amazing experience and I will take these “lessons” with me my entire life. Thank you.”

“The best course we have taken! Kept me interested at all times and we will be better speakers because of “Secrets.” Thanks a lot!”

“You were amazing! Your enthusiasm was uplifting and contagious. I loved how you didn’t critique us at the beginning and gave us extremely valuable feedback. Keep excelling…you are one in a million.

“I feel I can make a speech to a crowd of any number

“This course was amazing. The technique is applicable to any age group. This course made my nerves, shakes and stutters into excitement, conversation & style. Thanks!”

“Really helped me become more a confident and relatable speaker. I learned a great deal!”

“I think I might have finally gotten over my stage fright through Background Imaging. I really appreciate all the help.”

“The transition from start to finish is unbelievable. In one full day session, I feel like I have corrected or will correct the simple mistakes I make.”

“It was very informative & helpful. Useful to our lives & everyday actions. THANKS!”

“Interesting, relevant and applicable; couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

“I learned a lot and loved it!”

“Such an awesome class! Really helped me out!”

“It was amazing fun and interactive. I had a blast. I think it was very beneficial.”

“She was very knowledgeable in the subject areas. She was also very experienced.”

“Awesome! Was not bored AT ALL.”

“The class was even helpful the second time. It helped remind me of the keys to effective communication.”

“I really enjoyed the course and feel that I am definitely more prepared for public
speaking. The techniques were unique and very appropriate.”

“Summed up main points. Reinforces participants. Practice gets individuals involved and improved.”

“Your personal one-on-one feedback was what helped me the most. The small setting of the class truly enabled all of us to receive more individualized attention that taught us the most.”

“I wish I could have had more sessions with this course. It helped when I switched partners and had the coach listen and critique me

“Loved using the video camera as a tool to help out

“She wasn’t, like, overbearing & controlling in telling us our flaws, which allowed us to develop our strengths and realize our weaknesses. Thus we learned ourselves, like she taught us, HOW to become better.”

“This is the best course I have ever taken in regards to “speaking.” I know that I have improved on many weaknesses like eye contact, confidence and more excitement when doing a speech.”

“I was surprised at how much better I was after than before! Thank you! This will definitely help for the rest of my life

“I loved this program and can already tell that I have improved. I feel it changed and improved my entire way of public speaking. Thank you Mrs. Hendrie for time & help.”

“I learned how to improve my speeches by learning how to use several speaking techniques which I have always been told to improve, but didn’t know how to do. The way that we were taught was very hands on and visual. Plus, I was a lot of fun and everything that we learned today, is what we can use not only in everyday life, but in business situations as well.”

“This is an amazing program that will give me the confidence to audition for more speaking parts. This is especially good because it will inspire my speaking skills.”

“I enjoyed it greatly and loved learning how the different styles worked.”

“I thank my coach for helping me become a better speaker and bringing my personality out.”

“I enjoyed this very much, it was fun and very instructional. Thank you for the time you took for us today. This is one of our best training sessions we’ve had.”

“Everything was good about it. I feel like I improved my skills.”

“I want to learn how I can get you to do a seminar for my work?”

“This course was great because it will help me out when I speak in front of a group.”

“I learned a lot and was surprised by how much I improved. It was fun.”

“I really appreciate all your help. I loved how instead of giving us “constructive feedback” you told us what we did right, and not to worry about what we did wrong because it will disappear

“This was a very good course. I learned a lot.”

“The Instructor was amazing. I loved this course. I learned so much and have become such a better speaker. It’s given me so much and I would take it 10,000 times because it was taught so well.”

“Amazing! I learned so much. I can use these skills in everyday life. I can use it to get a job and to speak to anyone & anywhere effectively.”

“This was really awesome and reinforced many things that I had heard about through my years in drama and it taught me many different wonderful skills that will be helpful in the future.”

“It was awesome!”

“I learned a great amount.”

Arizona HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

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Social Media Post about the Secrets Course “Winter” Practice Speech

Post: “ In the winter of last year, my organization went against the crowd…….. Exceptional Speaking course in public speaking……Arizona HOSA State Officers are starting their training to better serve all the awesome AzHOSA members”


“Ahaha, this sounds too familiar ;)”

“Our organization talked of growth and expansion while most spoke of caution! Lol that’s amazing! I hope training is going well:)”

“Our advise was unusual. And to those who listened unusually profitable ! Training was Too much fun !!! :)”

“We can not promise that last year is a guarantee for the future, but we can say, that our organization is worth checking into 🙂 great day here with all the other officers”

“Training was awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the next!”

“That was the best public speaking course I have ever been to! Remember all AzHOSA officers to “WiGgLe”!!

‎”When I want something, I really go after it”

“I like winning!”

“Great time talking to chairs and walls and looking smart while doing it!”

“I second that haha 😀 plus u gotta admit, I made Hershey syrup look Yummy xD jk. But I can’t wait till the next meeting”

“It was amazing, I had so much fun and I learned new things and I had fun with my new stat team. I love being with everyone !!!!”

“I think we all have memories from this speaking course!!! Have fun!”

Tech Prep, Arizona, 7th & 8th Grade Students

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What did you like most about the class?

“It was cool.”

“I liked that I learned something about speaking. “

“That it was fun.”

“It was fun! And we got to make it loud and cool.”

“We got to communicate with our friends.”

“We got to talk to our friends

“The video taping. Thank you!”

“I like the class because at first we got to be loud and we got to learn. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the class. It was fun and kind of scary because of the camera.”

“It was funny and made me laugh.”

“When I make a speech, I’ll be cool with it.”

“I’ll remember to gesture during my speeches.”

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