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Arizona HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

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State President

“On behalf of the AZ HOSA State Officer Team, I would like to thank you for traveling to Arizona and sharing your skills and techniques with us. Your course had a definite impact on us. It was a privilege to work with you personally and your class not only gave us the skills to improve our speeches but also the confidence to do so. You are a wonderful teacher and I hope future state officer teams will have the same opportunities. Again, thank you for everything you did for us. “

Tech Prep, Arizona, 9th through 12th Grade Students

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General Comments:

“You rock!”

“This was the best seminar I’ve ever attended.”

“I loved this! The teachers were awesome.”

“You were awesome and taught me that I can do public speaking.”

“Informal; active; interactive; informative.”

“You guys were awesome.”

“Honestly, because it got me out of school and because now that I am a senior, it’s good to have some training like this so that I can use this experience later on in my life.”

“Overall – great class. Glad I got to experience this.”

“It was a really fun way to spend the afternoon. It was a really relaxed & fun atmosphere and getting up to talk in front of everyone was a lot easier.”

“You are a wonderful presenter and person. Mine and your personalities are the exact same! Your excitement & enthusiasm adds a lot to the subject. Always remember to smile BIG!”

“It was funner and better than school.”

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it.”

“This class was much more informative than my OAD 202 at college. I will apply the things I learned today with my class presentations & speeches.”

“Keep up being fun loving, cause it makes the class funner.”

“I really enjoyed the seminar. Thanks for spending your morning teaching us these valuable skills.”

“The class was great and instructor was awesome!”

“I like how easy you made learning. You are such a good speaker, it is easy to watch you and learn. Thank you very much!”

“Great class! It was a very easy environment which made speaking easy.”

“It was really great. I am glad we came.”

“I really appreciate your help and your pointing out what I need to work on.”

“It was fun and I learned a lot about speaking.”

“I liked it.”

What did you like most about the class?

“The fact that I improved a lot.”

“Learning all the key elements. I don’t think there was anything I didn’t like.”

“The way that we all saw a change at the end.”

“This was great! The excitement and relaxation. It was upbeat and not boring. The skills we were taught were great.”

“It had a lot of practice techniques. It will help me a lot with FBLA and my class presentations.”

“That we got individual help on things we needed to work on and got to see ourselves improve.”

“The participation. There’s no way you can’t have fun learning this when everyone participates.”

“The hands-on activities.”

“I liked everything.”

“Getting to practice.”

“The individual attention.”

“How much I learned.”

“Your excitement and enthusiasm. The hand gestures too.”

“Using the rhythm pattern styles.”

“That this is fun and not just sitting around.”

“I thought the energy was great. I loved learning how to speak in public.”

“The Interactive Activities. I think this class was very informative. I would like to participate again.”

“It was all great.”

“I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again sometime.”

“I think I learned a lot and I had a good time. The hours were perfect too (got out of math & history!).”

“Very fun, speaker related to us.”

“The energy.”

“Practice – hands on”

“The activities. Very fun!”

“Had lots of fun.”


“It was a lot of fun.”

“Beats – pauses, body movement – Rhythm Patterns, great group of kids to work with.”

“The speakers were laid back and made me more comfortable.”

“Learning how to be a better speaker and working with a partner.”

“Getting to work and try to talk in front of people. Thank you very much.”

“Participated and felt comfortable. I had fun.”

“When we got to watch the video of all of the speeches at the end.”

“The presenters were awesome, easy to get along with and easy to talk to.”

“The activities and our opportunities to participate.”

“Learned how to make a speech.”

“Learning and watching other people’s commercial speech and seeing myself on camera after.”

“I liked the info that I received on becoming a better speaker. I liked that the presenters knew what they were talking about.”

“I liked being on camera and learning to talk publically.”

“After a while, I wasn’t shy.”

“Movement techniques.”


“Being in partners.”

“I liked how enthusiastic and energetic the teachers were.”

Arizona Department of Education (ADE)

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Speech Language Pathologist/Speech & Debate Coach

“… It is inspiring me to use it with my stuttering students – I’d be curious to see the effects over time on a larger group of people who stutter.”

Valley National Bank

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VP and Manager, Scottsdale Commercial Banking Center

“I was pleased the bank was able to work with you to bring this program together. The one thing I really enjoyed is that you obviously love what you are doing. You are very good at it and I wish you nothing but success in the future. I probably will be contacting you at some point for feedback on my delivery methods. Thanks again and I will look forward to visiting with you in the future.”

Project CENTRL, Center for Rural Leadership

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Letter from the CENTRL Director

“Project CENTRL is off and running with another fine group of rural leaders in Arizona! Our first seminar was held this past week with 30 excited participants who have started their two-year leadership journey.

We also celebrated last Friday the successful completion of our leadership program with a Graduation Banquet for 27 members of Class XV. You would be very proud of the speaking performance and accomplishments of this class. Your early guidance has clearly provided much growth in their speaking abilities. One member of our current class was elected as County Sheriff in a highly competitive campaign. He proudly announced that it was Project CENTRL and his new skills of exceptional speaking that played a key role in his success. A similar note was also shared by (another participant) after he was elected to a tribal leadership position on the San Carlos/Ft. Apache Indian Reservation.

Your outstanding “Secrets” course has reached a total of 55 rural leaders from Arizona and will include another 30 next month. Written evaluations along with the speaking performance from this diverse group clearly show a high value placed on your training. I’m excited to add the “Polishing Skills” Course to the two-year curriculum for the current class and will discuss possible dates to schedule while you are in Arizona.

Looking forward to building on the past success and having you work with a new CENTRL class next month. See you soon!”

Everett Roads, CENTRL Director

Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Tempe, AZ)

“One of the best courses I have ever taken. Learned very much in a short time and something that can be used both personally and professionally.”

“Excellent program focused on personal improvement. Expands your comfort zone.”

“Enjoyed the class – this class provides the tools to enable a person to speak on any subject effectively and capture the audiences attention.”

“Content is relevant for all (Bank One) college participants as everyone could learn something from this course that can be easily implemented on the job. Our instructor was great – kept the class upbeat & everyone involved.”

“This is a great course for anyone who has to speak or present.”

“This class was a lot of fun. The facilitator is very knowledgeable, encouraging and an overall great instructor.“

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class. I’ll definitely be using these techniques in my work & home.”

“Great course! The course materials were excellent. Thank you for the videos!”

“The book & video are very much appreciated. A lot to absorb & remember in one day. I’ll be able to review and practice skills at home.”

“Video camera really makes this class. I think we all were able to walk away with more due to the recording of ourselves.”

Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association

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“WOW! An outstanding presentation to say the least. Our class cannot thank you enough for taking the time to present. Your program done in little steps made it so easy to apply! I could hardly wait to start sharing the information with everyone around me! Not only have you assisted us in becoming better presenters, you helped our class bond and learn to trust each other as a safe environment to practice with. Thank you very much; it was a true pleasure to count both of you in our successes in our leadership journey!”

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the “Secrets for Exceptional Speaking” class you taught at Project CENTRL. Thank you for the letter you sent afterwards. It helps me with the areas I need to work on. This is a great skill. Thanks again.”

Arizona Beef Council

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Director of PR & Marketing

“I had a wonderful time learning from your presentation to our project CENTRL class. Thank you for helping us to step out of our comfort zones and on our way to being exceptional speaking. I am already more confident!”

Valley National/Bank One

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Jim Mitchell, Management Consultant, YPO Certified Forum Resource*

“You probably don’t remember me. But your workshop,which you used to do for leaders at Valley National/Bank One was one of the most empowering workshops I did in my early career. I was never that impressed with all the stuff the Bank made us do… except for your workshop. It was fun, exciting, creative, engaging, enlightening and more.. I learn a lot that I’m sure I still use in my consulting and leadership and culture workshops 17 years after I left the bank.”

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