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Bank One, Commercial Real Estate (Phoenix, AZ)

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Executives, Sales, Managers

“This was the best course I have taken in public speaking. The methods and movements were presented in a very simple and relaxed manner, and will never be forgotten. The pauses were so helpful to be able to regroup and connect with the audience. Thank you for providing such a positive technique to remove the fear of speaking in front of a group!”

“Thank you – definitely a career booster!”

“This course was exceptional. I’ve received the tools I need to get up and speak to a group with confidence. I’m eager to try the tools out. I think this is the best class I’ve ever taken!”

“Although I do a lot of public speaking, I felt the focus on this course that encouraged movement and change made it more comfortable. I really saw how each person improved throughout the course. It was well worth it!”

“Enjoyed very much!”

“This was a great course that should be retained by Bank One and continue to be offered to all levels of management.”

“Very interesting. Learning made fun!”

“Not boring, well organized, a fun educational day.”

“Best course I’ve taken which was provided by the bank. It was an enjoyable day.”

“I’ve never been to a class where the focus was so positive. You did not expect perfection; you encouraged improvement. This put all participants at ease.”

Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) Graduate Program

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Thank you letter from a Graduate Student after taking a Secrets Course Lesson in China via Skype

“A thanks letter from a student attending yesterday’s course:

“感谢 谢谢您悉心安排,为我们请Tai Chan博士和他的同事以及戴雅洁做报告,他们的学识、能力和个人魅力让我非常敬佩。我的表达水平很差,今天听了他们三位的报告,收获颇多。今后我会努力向他们和您学习的。再次感谢您为我们准备了这样一堂课.”

Many thanks again for your guys’ awesome talk and shows.”

“Unusual for a student to send a thank you note in China. He expressed a genuine appreciation for the lectures and the “shows” sessions. His remark on his weakness in speaking is also an act of humility. I am impressed with him too. Our “show” yesterday is by far the best. My thanks to you too for sharing your Secrets with the students. I will encourage them to sign up for more lessons online. All the best from Beijing.”

Foothill Independent Bank

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Directors, Executives, Sales, VPs, Human Resources, Credit Manager

“Time investment that pays immediate dividends.”

“I do not usually recommend a course. (Pause) However, (Pause), this is the best (Jab) course (Jab) I have ever taken (Throw Away).”

“Very excellent material, presentation, feedback and return to me for the time spent away from the office. I generally don’t give everything the highest mark, but this class was exceptional. Thanks.”

“A very valuable tool and a wonderful course overall.”

“I felt this was an excellent course and I feel that I learned even more than my original expectations.”


“Great! I feel this will help me improve my presentations.”

“Well done!”

“This course helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. It also helped me to express myself better.”

“Thanks for your flexibility with the group and the various styles of participants. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for your subject.”

Senior Executive

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“Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kept classes very interesting and exciting. Everything learned in this class will be useful in day-to-day situations and conversations.”

Bank One, Retail Lending, (Detroit, MI)

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Executives, Managers, Sales

“I enjoyed this class and am very glad we had you visit our teams here in Detroit. Job well done. I am sure my team learned as much as I did. You are great! Thanks again.”

“Very worthwhile! I was concerned about spending a day away from a very busy office. The “investment” of time was quite rewarding.”

“Excellent class. I enjoyed it very much.”

“This course will allow me to go to the next level with my public speaking & communication skills. Thank you!”

“Well designed & executed course. The immediate feedback on video & by
The Instructor alone is worth the trip. Thank you.”

“Very useful for all types of speaking.”

“The willingness of everyone to perform the speeches allowed me to overcome the stress of doing it.”

“2nd time in class. Enjoyed and learned just as much this time as the 1st. I am a better speaker since taking your class the first time. Thanks for your help.”

“Thank you for helping us stretch our abilities.”

Arizona Department of Education (ADE), Tech Prep Board

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Tech Prep Directors from the following Consortiums:

Cochise Consortium

Coconino Consortium

East Valley Consortium

Eastern Arizona Consortium

Mohave Consortium

Northeastern Arizona Consortium

Northeast Valley Consortium

Western Maricopa Consortium

Pima/Santa Cruz Counties Consortium

Pinal Consortium

Yavapai Consortium

Yuma /La Paz Consortium

“This program will benefit all public speakers, from novice to well seasoned. It’s a delightful way to add spice & variety to what many consider tough and blasé. Many thanks.”

“This course builds confidence in natural skills while giving you tools to fix &
improve other areas. It was fun, interactive and very informative. Thank you!!!”

“Great course, great job. I learned a lot and hope to utilize what you have taught me in the very near future…next week. Thanks!”

“I have never laughed so much! Thank you. This will definitely help me in my student recruiting activities.”

“Fun, interactive, took my mind off of work for a day. Good bonding with everyone.”

“Enjoyed very much. Would definitely recommend this to all who would benefit.”

“Great skills! Great fun!”

“Great job being positive, always! Great at getting us to ‘do our own thing’. Steph, thanks for doing this for us. It is appreciated!”

“Thanks for the encouragement!”

Senior Executive

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“Unbelievable!! I can’t believe the change from beginning of class to end.”

Bank One

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“Kindest thanks to you for including me in your fantastic training session! I truly enjoyed learning from you, both in material AND delivery. I love how easy you made it for us to adopt and embrace your teachings…really very good. More later, of course, but signing off now with little dabs”

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