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Bank One, Commercial Real Estate (Phoenix, AZ)

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Executives, Sales, Managers

“This was the best course I have taken in public speaking. The methods and movements were presented in a very simple and relaxed manner, and will never be forgotten. The pauses were so helpful to be able to regroup and connect with the audience. Thank you for providing such a positive technique to remove the fear of speaking in front of a group!”

“Thank you – definitely a career booster!”

“This course was exceptional. I’ve received the tools I need to get up and speak to a group with confidence. I’m eager to try the tools out. I think this is the best class I’ve ever taken!”

“Although I do a lot of public speaking, I felt the focus on this course that encouraged movement and change made it more comfortable. I really saw how each person improved throughout the course. It was well worth it!”

“Enjoyed very much!”

“This was a great course that should be retained by Bank One and continue to be offered to all levels of management.”

“Very interesting. Learning made fun!”

“Not boring, well organized, a fun educational day.”

“Best course I’ve taken which was provided by the bank. It was an enjoyable day.”

“I’ve never been to a class where the focus was so positive. You did not expect perfection; you encouraged improvement. This put all participants at ease.”

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