Turning an Art into a Science


Bank One, Retail Lending, (Detroit, MI)

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Executives, Managers, Sales

“I enjoyed this class and am very glad we had you visit our teams here in Detroit. Job well done. I am sure my team learned as much as I did. You are great! Thanks again.”

“Very worthwhile! I was concerned about spending a day away from a very busy office. The “investment” of time was quite rewarding.”

“Excellent class. I enjoyed it very much.”

“This course will allow me to go to the next level with my public speaking & communication skills. Thank you!”

“Well designed & executed course. The immediate feedback on video & by
The Instructor alone is worth the trip. Thank you.”

“Very useful for all types of speaking.”

“The willingness of everyone to perform the speeches allowed me to overcome the stress of doing it.”

“2nd time in class. Enjoyed and learned just as much this time as the 1st. I am a better speaker since taking your class the first time. Thanks for your help.”

“Thank you for helping us stretch our abilities.”

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