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First Interstate Bank

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“I want to thank you for your help in preparing our CEO for his first video. I was impressed at the progress you made with a client who had no prior experience with video and therefore was not at ease in front of the camera. Your techniques enabled him to feel and look more comfortable for his audience. I also appreciated the suggestions you offered while the video was being produced. Having you on the set the day of the shoot was extremely beneficial.

I look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Executive Open Workshops

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Executives, Trainers, Scientists, Directors, Engineers, Sales

Companies Represented:

Aerospace Corporation


Andor Chiropractic

Cylix Corporation

Dar-Kat Music

Integrity Systems

JB Oxford & Company

JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Makai Media

Pinnacle West Capital Corp

Pioneer North America


“Extremely positive experience. The Instructor coached and guided us to be successful communicators. She was precise but with an excellent gentle approach. She is the speech instructor I should have had years ago.”

“Exceptional. Easy to learn! And so valuable. I intend to put this to use immediately both in my corporate setting and in my counseling situations.”

“Amazing! Quick progress!! Fun Class!!! Thank you!!!!!”

“I can’t wait to work on the presentation I’ve dreaded & apply the techniques I’ve learned!”

“Very effective day! I have been positively impacted and am excited to apply all I’ve learned in daily life. Thank you.”

“Very, very good course. I would like to get you into TRW.”
“I was positive this wouldn’t work form me but it did! (Large round slow). (Jab). Thank you. (Little Dabs).”

“I felt this class was great! I learned many things that will help me advance. Thank you.”

“I found the whole program from presentation video and learning excellent.”

“Loved it”

“Stephanie, you’re a very talented coach. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Keep in touch!! I learned so much.”

“It was a pleasure throughout.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed today. I learned personally as well as gaining knowledge for development of our curriculum.”

“The second time was even more powerful for me. Maybe I was more ready. Great job. Thank you so much. What a treat!”

“I liked the flow of the day. It seemed very balanced between lecture, video, experiential, etc…very smooth.”

“Thanks. It was great!”

“The course was fun!”

“Time well spent! Lots of fun!”

“Great course! Thanks!”


“Very well thought out content, approach and implementation.”

“Thank you”

“Good job.”

“Well done! I did get some points I will use very soon.”


Kaiser Permanente

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Underwriting Executive

“Thanks for all your help prepping for the presentation last week. After I got into the presentation and got a laugh it was pretty fun. I got a lot of comments afterwards; they definitely didn’t expect me to do something like this. My group will be forever known as “uuunderwriting”. Thanks again.”

Arizona Department of Education (ADE)

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Tech Prep Teacher

“I just began The Hendrie Method with my Honors Students today. I don’t think I ever told you that last year one of my students did a parody of the “winter speech” as his campaign speech for student government. He won, and the rest of my students loved it. They all asked me, “Did you see [Student’s] Speech?”

Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Chicago, IL)

“This was the best class I have been in. The videos & reference book will be an invaluable resource.”

“The course broke communication down into building blocks. It caused me to think of things I never had before. It will help.”

“The contents of the program were presented in an extraordinary way. It really packaged the info into a very usable, comfortable way.”

“Outstanding. Course content was presented in an easy to use manner and the practice exercises were highly effective. This course should be offered to the lines of business as well.”

“I enjoyed the class. I felt it would be of great benefit to me in my career.”

“It is a very good & high energy class that really gives you tools you can use in everyday communication and professional speeches. The money spent to bring in an outside teacher for this class is worth it.”

“All managers should take this course! We all have to make presentations at some point.”

“Excellent instructor who really practices what she preaches. Course material and pace and exercises are engaging, appropriate, well executed and excellent. One of the best courses I’ve had in the program. Don’t change a thing!”

“Class presentation was great. The Instructor did a great job with all the steps in the course. Book and video package is wonderful.”

“I wanted to drop you a line to update you on my progress using the Hendrie Method. I have been conducting a large number of seminars lately. During this time, I have tried to incorporate some of the tools we discussed during our seminar. I feel that I am constantly growing as a presenter.”

“This class was excellent. The instructor was great. I learned a lot from this class.”

“Class was organized, facilitator knowledgeable and organized. Class went at a very fast pace – not once was it overwhelming or boring.”

“Great job. You create a relaxed yet upbeat class that holds the audience. You also helped me to feel a lot more relaxed about being myself at presenting rather than focusing on what I shouldn’t be doing – based on past teaching. Thank you.”

“Found the course to be very useful.”

“Videotaping & exercises were highly effective. The Instructor was a great motivator.”

“Great, want to take follow up course.”

“Excellent!! We should have more professional outside consultants as teachers – The Instructor was great!”

“Great approach to teaching – thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“It was a great course.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot.”

Ward/Davis Communications

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Bill Pence

“What a delightful way to spend a Friday, learning how to communicate more effectively. Everybody really appreciated the theory and coaching. In fact, I think we all spent the weekend practicing ‘jabbing’, ‘dabbing’, and ‘jerking’ to whoever would listen. Do not hesitate to use us as a reference. I am already discussing your course with other divisions.”

Kaiser Permanente

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Leadership Executive

“Thank you for the gift of going thru the program and for your valuable feedback. I learn so much from you. I also appreciate you taking the time to write my letter that spells out what I have mastered and what I need to practice. You can be sure I will be taking you advice. Finally, the 3 physician leaders had a great day and improved wildly from the morning—once again, you have shown me how well your method works. Many thanks!”

Project CENTRL, Center for Rural Leadership

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Companies & Professions Represented

Companies & Professions Represented

Allred Law Office

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative

Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona Nursery Association

Assistant Director of Development, Univ. of AZ College of Ag. & Life Sciences

Assistant Director, AZ Dept of Agriculture

Assistant Director, Yavapai County Environmental

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

Arizona Department of Agriculture

Arizona District Commander, Dept. of Public Safety

Banker, Southwest Agribusiness Service

Central Arizona Project

Charter School Principal/Teacher & Farmer

Chief of Police, Edgar Police Department

Co-Owner, Sunset Nursery

Consultant, Dept. of Agriculture

COO & Co-Owner, Phyco Biosciences

County Executive Director, USDA – Farm Service Agency

County Extension Director, University of Arizona

Custodian, U.S. Postal Service

Desert Distributing Company

Director Greenlee County Chamber of Commerce

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Maricopa Unified School Dist #20

Director of Public Affairs, Western Growers Association

Director, Arizona Agriculture Education- FFA Foundation

Director, Arizona Beef Council

Director, San Luis Chamber of Commerce

District Conservationist, USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Engineer, Maricopa Water District

Executive Development Director, City of Cottonwood

Executive Director, Arizona Dept. of Education

Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club

Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce, Camp Verde

Executive Director, Springerville-Eagar Chamber of Commerce


General Manager, Horizon Moving

General Manager, Yavapai County Fair Association

Grand Canyon University

Instructor, Yavapai College

Jim Boyle Dairy

Library Director, Events Central Arizona College

Litigation Consultant

Livestock Farm Manager, University of Arizona

LLP/CPA/Manager, Henry & Horne

Manager, Farm Credit Services Southwest

Mayor, City of San Luis

Miami City Council

Odyssey Consulting

Operations, Mohave Community College

Owner, X4 Cattle Company

Pinal Feeding Company

Pratt Pools/Casa Grande Dive Shop

President, Bonita Ranch

Program Administrator, Arizona Dept. of Agriculture

Program Manager, Arizona Land and Water Trust

Project Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University

Project Director/ Accountant, Little Colorado River Plateau

Rancher, Bar Boot Ranch

Real Estate Broker-Owner

Realtor, Smart Scape Program Coordinator

Regional Communication Manager, National Cotton Council Board

Sales, Rock Spreaders

Sales Representative, United Beverage Company

Salt River Project

Smart Systems for Employers

Senior Agriculture Chemical Sales & Pest Control Advisor, University of Arizona Extension

Superstition Dairy

Supervisor, State of Arizona Office of Tourism

Support Manager, Walmart

The Accomazzo Company (Farming)

The Growers Company, Inc.

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

U.S. Army (Retired)

USDA Farm Service Agency

Vice Mayor, Town of Chino Valley

Vice President, Farm Credit Services Southwest

Vice President, Stellar Corporation

“Extremely enlightening, very helpful.”

“I feel that this is a class that should be taught to everyone.”

“I learned more in one day with you than I did in an entire semester of public speaking in college. I would like to personally thank you for the excellent seminar that you held for my class.”

“A very worthwhile course.”

“As class liaison for Project CENTRL Class XXII, I want to express our gratitude to you for “fixing” our public speaking glitches and enabling us to be strong representatives for our community. I have attended other presentation classes in the past and none have touched the information you shared with us. Your guidance really helped to make us more comfortable and more importantly, more relatable.“

“Great course. Relates very well to all aspects of my life. Thanks!”

“I have gained very much knowledge on how to speak wisely & professionally. Thank you for being so very kind and understanding. You made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.”

“Thank you for making speech presentation easier.”

“Great course. It will definitely help me in presentations. The Rhythm patterns were very helpful to learn.”

“Very interactive – did well to bring people out in front of the crowd.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to receiving comments.”

“Great Program without being overpowering. Public speaking is one of the things that gives me problems. I think this program helped.”

“I was a bit skeptical but got really into the course before it was over.”

“Thank you for your fantastic session with us at Project CENTRL in November. We had to testify and give speeches for our 3rd seminar, and I know I felt more confident and more prepared to publicly speak than I ever had before.”

Thanks for the nice note with your suggested strategies and tips. I have taken them to heart!

“Helped with presentation techniques that I didn’t realize before. It was a good experience to learn from our mistakes.”


“The Instructor is great!”

“Thank you so much.”

“Excellent program. This was worth our time.”

“Fabulous! I will use this!”

“Very informative – hands on useful information.”

“Good program. High energy. Very worthwhile.”

“Super!! Well worth the money and time spent. She took extra time to be with each of us individually.”

“Very informative & helpful.”


“Awesome workshop.”

“I found it well paced, good info, personally very beneficial and timing of the second meeting great.”

“Active, learned a lot from the class.”

“Interactions were great!”

“Learned a lot about public speaking!”

“Great techniques that we can take along with us. Positive reinforcement & we learned a lot about each other.”

“Hands on: Not only did I learn stuff, I had to practice and perform in front of class! This class provided real instruction that could be used right away.”

“Really needed. Very well done. Great team experience.”

“Great material and very useable.”

“I loved The Instructor. Enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Very helpful.”

“Very good! Keep her.”

“I learned a lot”

“Awesome and extremely educational.”

“Thank you so much for your Secrets for Effective Communication. They were certainly effective secrets because we all communicated much better by the end of the day. We will endeavor to put our lessons to good use in the future. Thank you again.”

“The name says it all. Helped build excellent skills for public speaking.”

“On behalf of Project CENTRL Class XXI, thank you for your help, guidance and coaching relating to public speaking. I very much appreciate the personal follow-up and I’m sure my classmates did too. Happy Holidays.”

“Thank you for the wonderful public speaking seminar and for taking the time for personal follow-up. I appreciate your skills, talent, insight and pointers.”

“I truly appreciated your presentation,” Secrets for Exceptional Speaking” for our Class XVII, Project CENTRAL. It was exceptional and I learned a great deal…to use now and in the future. The one-on-one discussions were a very ‘special’ touch too and your follow up letter. Thank you very much!”

“Your program was very interesting, a great help and you certainly know your stuff.”

“What a great session! You shared so many practical and useful tool and concepts. I really appreciate the feedback and the information you provided. Thank you for your generosity and for our support of CENTRL.”

“I would like to personally Thank You for all you have done for Class XIX and Project CENTRL.”

Bank One

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Diane Raden, National Learning Delivery

“The most exciting byproduct of the “Secrets” course is the confidence and sense of esteem one receives. It quiets the voice in the head where the first thing you hear is not ‘You can’t do that.’”

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