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Managerial-Supervisory College (Chicago, IL)

“This was the best class I have been in. The videos & reference book will be an invaluable resource.”

“The course broke communication down into building blocks. It caused me to think of things I never had before. It will help.”

“The contents of the program were presented in an extraordinary way. It really packaged the info into a very usable, comfortable way.”

“Outstanding. Course content was presented in an easy to use manner and the practice exercises were highly effective. This course should be offered to the lines of business as well.”

“I enjoyed the class. I felt it would be of great benefit to me in my career.”

“It is a very good & high energy class that really gives you tools you can use in everyday communication and professional speeches. The money spent to bring in an outside teacher for this class is worth it.”

“All managers should take this course! We all have to make presentations at some point.”

“Excellent instructor who really practices what she preaches. Course material and pace and exercises are engaging, appropriate, well executed and excellent. One of the best courses I’ve had in the program. Don’t change a thing!”

“Class presentation was great. The Instructor did a great job with all the steps in the course. Book and video package is wonderful.”

“I wanted to drop you a line to update you on my progress using the Hendrie Method. I have been conducting a large number of seminars lately. During this time, I have tried to incorporate some of the tools we discussed during our seminar. I feel that I am constantly growing as a presenter.”

“This class was excellent. The instructor was great. I learned a lot from this class.”

“Class was organized, facilitator knowledgeable and organized. Class went at a very fast pace – not once was it overwhelming or boring.”

“Great job. You create a relaxed yet upbeat class that holds the audience. You also helped me to feel a lot more relaxed about being myself at presenting rather than focusing on what I shouldn’t be doing – based on past teaching. Thank you.”

“Found the course to be very useful.”

“Videotaping & exercises were highly effective. The Instructor was a great motivator.”

“Great, want to take follow up course.”

“Excellent!! We should have more professional outside consultants as teachers – The Instructor was great!”

“Great approach to teaching – thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“It was a great course.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot.”

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