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Arizona Department of Education (ADE), Tech Prep Board

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Tech Prep Directors from the following Consortiums:

Cochise Consortium

Coconino Consortium

East Valley Consortium

Eastern Arizona Consortium

Mohave Consortium

Northeastern Arizona Consortium

Northeast Valley Consortium

Western Maricopa Consortium

Pima/Santa Cruz Counties Consortium

Pinal Consortium

Yavapai Consortium

Yuma /La Paz Consortium

“This program will benefit all public speakers, from novice to well seasoned. It’s a delightful way to add spice & variety to what many consider tough and blasé. Many thanks.”

“This course builds confidence in natural skills while giving you tools to fix &
improve other areas. It was fun, interactive and very informative. Thank you!!!”

“Great course, great job. I learned a lot and hope to utilize what you have taught me in the very near future…next week. Thanks!”

“I have never laughed so much! Thank you. This will definitely help me in my student recruiting activities.”

“Fun, interactive, took my mind off of work for a day. Good bonding with everyone.”

“Enjoyed very much. Would definitely recommend this to all who would benefit.”

“Great skills! Great fun!”

“Great job being positive, always! Great at getting us to ‘do our own thing’. Steph, thanks for doing this for us. It is appreciated!”

“Thanks for the encouragement!”

*Organizations are for identification purposes only.

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