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Letter from Australian Executive after taking the Secrets Course Online

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“Very good. No, seriously good. Excellent in fact. It is an approach which is quite different from (and much better than) any speaking training I have undertaken before.

Someone once said to me that the key measures for any successful online course are ‘usability’ (how easy is the course to access/understand),’content’ (how compelling is it to the user to maintain their interest and involvement) and ‘usefulness’ (can the course elements be easily applied or adapted to suit ones need). All I can say, from my own user experience, is that your course deserves a BIG tick+ on all counts. Furthermore a clear navigation path, and a skilful blend of video presentation and back up printed guides and resource materials make for a very user-friendly site. Your hard work and perseverance to get it right is rewarded on this point alone.

Having said that I must now confess that when I first learnt that you were embarking on this project, I thought hmmm…not sure how this is going to work online. Not that I doubted your ability to make it so because the content is so well constructed and well executed in practice over many
years. But given that public speaking training is such a group/one-on-one dynamic, involving an acute personal interaction between teacher and student, my initial thought was how does one, through this medium, successfully engender that ‘spirit of connection’ to ensure an effective communication of the lessons?

Not surprisingly any concern in this regard was soon put aside the further I progressed through the course. For the way you in which you have edited and integrated your video components to compliment the lesson modules, works beautifully in taking the online student ‘inside the room’ and ‘face to face’ with the teacher (so to speak). This is particularly realized in the conversational connection section (8) but generally all the content and level of instruction is spot on. And the element of ‘have fun while learning’, which is part of your course mantra, is wonderfully sustained throughout.

Einstein may have lost the plot when it came to the technique associated with conversational connection, but one thing he did say was: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Having now seen you awaken that joy, via this program, I can
think of no higher compliment to extend to you. Well done and thank you.” – Richard Watts

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