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Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Columbus, OH)

“Excellent and very relevant course. Will be useful daily in my career. Well organized and presented – maintained focus, was enjoyable, great atmosphere.”

“This was an extremely enjoyable course. The material covered will be used by all of us regardless of our line of business.“

“This has been the most informational M-SC course I have taken so far. The Instructor made you feel at ease.”

“This was the most useful class I have taken here at Bank One!! Very fun and useful.”

“Great course. And to think I thought I was a good speaker.”

“I strongly recommend wider participation in this course across Bank One.”

“This class was great. I will be able to use the techniques I learned with confidence.”

“This is easily the best class so far. Clear application to my professional life and will clearly enhance others at Bank One.”

“This has been the most worthwhile course out of the 5 I’ve taken already. The instructor is a stellar presenter & teacher. A+++!!”

“Instructor and material was excellent.”

“Overall great course! I like the concepts, which can greatly enhance presentation effectiveness. I will definitely use in presentations.”

“I hope others outside of the M-SC program have the opportunity to experience this class!”

“Excellent & wonderful subject – well thought and presented. I’m glad I signed up for this.”

“This class was excellent!”

‘This course was very interesting & helpful. I felt that the instructor was very interesting and insightful.”

“Thank you for the wonderful program and beautiful letter you sent me. I was really impressed with your program and I’m beginning to see some benefits.”

“Video taping was very helpful! A great class…”

“Great class – Great Instructor”

“The Instructor was great! Most useful course I’ve had in MS-C.”

“Great course. I feel better prepared to speak in front of a group.”

“Great class! Learned a lot about myself, such as speaking style and presentation skills.”

“Terrific course – great companion course to Powerful Presentation Skills. Very impactful, easy to learn steps. Thanks.”

“Super class! Thank you!”

“Excellent class. One of the best in the college.”

“Very good class – should be kept in MS-C.”

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