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Managerial-Supervisory College (Dallas, TX)

“Great material. I will use it the rest of my days.”

“Excellent class. Techniques very easy to follow. Everyone in the class improved 100%. Fantastic instructor.”

“Very good at breaking down old barriers and bad habits.”

“Outstanding course. Excellent facilitation. Recommend to all MS-C participants. Very useful information…”

“I hate to get in front of people to speak. This will help me sooo much. I will have fun with this.”

“This was a great course and will be extremely helpful in a wide variety of settings both in work and personal.”

“This course was wonderful. I will be able to incorporate this immediately in my job.”

“This was the best M-SC class I have taken. The instructor is excellent and in this one course taught me the techniques for delivering presentations, of which I’ve needed for many, many years.”

“I wish I took this class at the beginning of the year. Awesome class.”

“Very informational, fast paced and fun!”

“Great course. Should offer it next year.”

“Excellent class. Showed steps on how to speak effectively.”

“Excellent course. Excellent instructor!!!”

“Enjoyed your class!”

“Great class.“

“Excellent class – love the interaction.”

“Awesome course!”

“Excellent class & person!”

“Very helpful content.”

“Great Class!”

“Loved the interactive learning, practicing & expanding skills.”

“This was the hardest, most fulfilling, course that I’ve had so far (I’ve had four other courses)”

“Great presentation of material. Pausing & connecting with audience. Good tools. I have taken course after course on meetings & speaking. This class taught me more on actual presentation.”

“Great class! A lot of fun!”

“Excellent instruction and material. Learned a lot.”

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