Turning an Art into a Science


Bank One

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Managerial-Supervisory College (Columbus, OH)

“During my 20 year career with Bank One, his is by far the best seminar/class I have taken. Excellent!”

“This was an exceptional course. It provided a great deal for me both personally and professionally. I will carry what I learned in this class me in every aspect of my life.”

“Wow – I can’t begin to express how this has helped me now and in the future. I only wish I had his years ago. Recommend for anyone. Should be a required class.”

“Excellent course! The one day session made a tremendous difference in my delivery style.”

“Excellent class – one of the best for all facets of life.”

“Highly recommend to all!”

“One of the best classes that I have ever taken. This will help me greatly in my career. Thanks!”

“This has been the most worthwhile course out of the 5 I’ve taken already. Stephanie is a stellar presenter & teacher. A+++!!”

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