Turning an Art into a Science


The 3 Key Elements

An exceptional Speaker has the ability to look natural. Often we are told to use gestures and make eye contact, but this is not enough. We are told to be more conversational, to “Relax…Be confident…Just be yourself.” But telling someone to do something is not teaching him how to do it.

Through personalized Interactive Exercises, you learn the 3 Key Elements which successfully teach what is generally considered an inborn talent.

Background Imaging™: How We Create Emotion — Learn how emotion is created, so you can communicate thoughts and feelings, where you are not just reading words or reciting facts.

Rhythm Pattern Styles™: How We Express Emotion — Learn how 9 different styles are expressed, so you can tailor your style and speak with vocal variety. You learn how to be powerful, nurturing, exciting or inspiring.

Conversational Connection™: How We Connect with Listeners — Learn to sound conversational with your material and connect with listeners as Conversation Partners. By communicating with your listeners, not at them, you gain an ease and comfort with any audience, naturally and comfortably.

We take an Art and turn it into a Science!

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