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Arizona Tech Prep

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College Professors, High School Teachers, State Advisors & Administrators

Companies Represented:

Amphitheater High School

Arizona Agricultural Literacy

Arizona Dept. of Education

Arizona State University East

Buckeye Union High School

Capital Choice, Financial Advisor

Director, Arizona Tech Prep

Mesa Public School, Ag Education

Morrison School of Agribusiness & Resource Mgmt.

Peoria High School

State Advisor, Future Farmers of America (FFA)

State Reporter, Future Farmers of America (FFA)

State Advisor, Arizona HOSA

University of Arizona, College of Agriculture

University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension

Vocational Director, Fountain Hills High School, Westwood High School

“This was great! I learned more about public speaking today, in one day, than I have throughout my education. Thank you!”

“It was one of the greatest things I have ever done! I have always had trouble speaking and after this course I feel comfortable.”

“I’ve already told several people they MUST take it when it is offered next! I think you have a great product, a terrific method and IT WORKS! I found that the next day I was using the skills without even thinking about it. It was almost like watching someone else speak!”

“I was amazed at how much we were taught in one day at the Exceptional Speaking class! I think all teachers should have this speech class.”

“Wonderful course! It was fun while giving me useful, tangible things I can use to enhance my speaking.”

“Wow—every teacher should go through this! Thanks!”

“This class was wonderful. Really made me feel comfortable speaking.”

“Very good. Helped me focus on my audience and style of presentation, connecting to my audience rather than my speech content. Thank you for the experience!”

“Great content – trainer understands the psychology behind the fears and relaxation of public speaking. Thank you!!”

“I was unsure how valuable this would be but I could see how much I changed from the first speech on to the last speech. Thank you for a great class.”

“I learned a lot of information which I can apply to the classroom, to myself, as well as to help my students.”

“It was amazing how much progress everyone made. You are such a good role model. I will visualize your hand movements & manner when I plan my presentations.”

“Very good job. Exceptional knowledge. Interesting experience.”

“The personal, ‘live’ hands on approach enhances the video to a great degree. I tend to get nervous & I did not “feel” that at all with this format. It was unthreatening & positive. In addition, personality, I am quiet/shy & again this format completely “bypassed” those sometimes perceived limitations.”

“Well prepared & well executed. Fast moving, paced well, very worthwhile use of my time.”

“Good, natural, overall extremely good.”

“Thanks for all your suggestions. The concepts and guidance were really helpful!”

*Organizations are for identification purposes only.

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