Turning an Art into a Science


Dr. Paul Baker, Drama Department Chairman, Baylor University; Drama Department Chairman, Trinity University; Founding and Managing Director, Dallas Theater Center; Founding Director, Dallas Arts Magnet High School.

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“Years ago when I first started teaching at Baylor, I discovered that the essential ingredient necessary for a comprehensive, productive education was missing. The essential ingredient was finding a way to develop in each student a belief in his/her creative ideas. I developed the “Integration of Abilities” course to introduce each student to his/her creative self and devise exercises to help them understand how their creative abilities work.

Now…I find that Stephanie Hendrie has also made another brilliant discovery incorporated in the ‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking’ by identifying the Three Key Elements: 1. Creating appropriate emotions. 2. Identifying emotions and how to express emotions by identifying Rhythm Pattern Styles. 3. Connecting with listeners.

Stephanie has also developed vivid and fantastic exercises to help each student in developing each of the Key Elements. I believe Stephanie has been able to fathom the most important ‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking’ and has found dazzling ways to explain the process. Congratulations.”

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