Turning an Art into a Science


General Motors University

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Engineers, Executives, Sales, International Division, Managers

“This will be the most meaningful class I will take. I wish I could have taken it even sooner. Talking about adding value, it is right on point. Thank you for making me feel confident in my delivery.”

“I have had other classes on speaking and giving presentations, but they never gave me actual ways to utilize movements, under tones of conversation, and speed techniques. This class gave me all of those things. Other classes just tell you that you need to do those things better, but do not tell you how to do it.”

“Excellent course. I will use the skills from this class in my day to day Interactions.”

“A course worth taking. I’ve had other classes on speaking and giving presentations, but they never gave me actual ways to improve.”

“Anyone who presents information should take this course.”

“Excellent and helpful.”

“I liked the interactive learning style.”

“The course is of value to people outside of the Communications College. It should be marketed to management and all salaried employees.”

“I would recommend this course to others; especially leaders that talk to PowerPoint slides.”

“Everyone can use the opportunity to improve their public speaking abilities.”

“The structure of the video taping and reviewing is very effective. It was nice to see the improvements.”

“The plan was easy to adapt to. The worksheets were easy to follow.”

“Very informative & effective class!!”

“Very effective course. I feel many could benefit from this course.”

“High interactivity.”

“Hands-on, very focused on the concepts”

“We learned techniques and applied them immediately. The course was a great interactive class.”

“This is a great course for anyone who does presentations. It was a fun course and the instructor was great. I would definitely recommend this course.”

“It was a great course.”

“Very good class. Will recommend to team members.”

“Very effective.”

“Spontaneous and Interactive.”

“The structure of video taping and reviewing was very effective. It was also nice to see the improvement in the end when what was leaned was applied.”

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