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“The workshop you held on Friday was an amazing experience for me, personally. As you heard, the group LOVED you and the course, too. The tips you gave were so rock bottom common sense and keyed to human nature. As a result, they’re (1) easier to remember and (2) easier to practice and develop than other methods. Plus, your skills as an instructor/coach are superb. Please accept my deepest thanks.”

“Fun, educational, I recommend it to all.”

“Excellent course and opportunity. Learned and changed skills in 8 hours. Amazing.”

“One of the best and most useful courses I have attended.”

“Most physicians/leaders desperately need these skills.”

“A tremendous course that is not only useful, but also helps team building.”

“Excellent course. This will be extremely applicable in my work setting. The techniques & awareness learned are very applicable in multiple settings.”

“Excellent course! Would be beneficial for many to have exposure to this technique. I learned to slow down my delivery & take pauses to enhance the connection between the audience and myself. This course provides skills to enhance business & family communication.”

“This is a very valuable course and should be required for all leaders.”

“Excellent training for speaking and patients as well as in front of colleagues.”

“I had so much fun learning how to improve my communication and my career! Thank you!”

“I think the session actually helps physicians not only in presentations, but to be more in tune with patient responses and adapt their style of speech and mannerisms to the situation and patient speech. Develop self-awareness on how we are perceived as we talk and move regarding physician interaction with patients. Highly recommend…”

“I will utilize his daily with every communication and/or speaking situation. Thank you so much!”

“Wow, I’m so grateful. I learned so much about myself and others. I loved the small group interactions. It was nice to know I’m not alone. Thank you for helping me find my voice.”

“Priceless! Very effective method. Every participant improved dramatically in just one day – regardless of previous experience.”

“Exceptional class. Focused. Not boring. Enhanced communication training for MDs.”

“Excellent program -> best speaking program I have been to in my career.”

“Outstanding program. I learned information I can use tomorrow.”

“Stephanie was a wonderful, thorough coach! I cannot believe that in one day, I have learned tools that I can apply both in my work and personal speaking tasks/jobs/etc… I don’t have anything to say that would make the course better. It was outstanding. Thank you!”

“This is the first time I feel I have practical usable tools to help me with speaking before groups of people. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.”

“Outstanding – the first and best speaking course I’ve taken. I learned so much. I loved it! It will improve talking with my patients more effectively, not at them.”

“Very valuable in everyday activities.”

“I would like to have all receptionists and call center personnel be exposed to the techniques we’ve enjoyed in this class.”

“Superb teacher! Your talent and experience shows.”

“Amazing transformation!”

“This was a very powerful course and one that all Kaiser Physicians should take. The learning curve is steep and great.”

“I will better be able to communicate with my patients.”

“Very worthwhile course. One of the best I’ve ever attended.”

“Better presentations to groups and patients.”

“All excellent – a lot in a small amount of time.”

“Excellent for media work.”

“Awesome! Learned a lot of practical things I can put to immediate use. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. This was my second time and I still learned even more”


“I was very engaged with the tips and gestures in delivery styles. I particularly enjoyed the ability to see others perform. This illustrated the variety of styles in presentation and impact.”

“Unbelievable to see the difference in styles in such a short time and the ability to use the same language (terms) to change our presentation. The Instructor is very skilled.”

“Opened a whole new world for me and assisted me in removing barriers.”

“It’s a big help for me to overcome my stage fright.”

“Excellent Program”

“Great course.”

“Good, balanced, practical course.”


“Very non-threatening environment. Encouraged everyone to participate. It was fun and I learned skills I want to practice, in one day! Many chiefs/assistant chiefs/committee chairs could benefit…it could be a great bonding experience with a mentor.”

“Excellent and very useful.”

“Amazing to learn so much that can be immediately applied in only one day. Thank you!”

“I was impressed that so much could be covered & assimilated in one day.
Great return on my investment.”

“Great Course. Dynamic, active, excellent facilitator. Loved it.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to participate.”

“Excellent and invaluable”

“Fabulous experience!”


“Very useful course!”

“Fun for a topic that can be intimidating.”

“Excellent Course. Was not looking forward to it but I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable ‘on stage’”

“This was excellent. Enjoyed the content very much. Thanks for all of the learnings.”

“The class was so much fun. I loved it. I’m sure I’ll be able to use my new speaking skills to help the Kaiser Permanente Organization.”

“Great learnings – the visualizing for emotional control as well as the practicing of different styles & techniques was awesome!”

“Excellent Course. I hope to do it again as a refresher if needed.”

“Would recommend to others. Very valuable course.”

“Great course – learned a lot! Very practical.”

“One of the best presentation classes I’ve taken. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“Excellent course! Gave me practical tools to use. Thank you!”

“Very helpful, great course on improving speaking skills.”

“Very practical and better than other courses I attended. Very easy to pick up.”

“Stephanie Hendrie has certainly mastered this craft, makes it appear very natural and (most importantly) is very effective so others can learn her “secrets.”

“Stephanie & Alyssa were very clear, provided excellent practical tools. The feedback was very beneficial.”

“Very effective for a one day course.”

“Great class, one of the best.”

“Worthwhile learning experience.”

“Great course, fun and practical!!!!!”


“Extremely Helpful.”

“It was a terrific class & practical.”

“Thank you.”


“Good job. Just enough material.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Learnings were valuable in public speaking.”

“Very effective.”

“Excellent tools to improve speech.

“Excellent instructor.”

“Great course.”


“Best CME @ Kaiser Permanente ever for me.”

“Excellent program. I learned a great set of tools to improve my speaking experiences.”

“Thank you for this opportunity to learn.”

“Great program.”

“Thank you – the class was great! Fun!”

“I am a trainer for KP and it not only reinforced info I did know, but also went beyond anything that I’ve ever been trained on (or practiced). The topic can be torturous but I think you handled it beautifully. Thank you very much. Great for team building too.”

“Great! Thank you!”

“Excellent overall. Videotaping was a plus. Class size was perfect.”

“Excellent course!!!”

“One of the best courses I’ve participated in at KP!”

“Interactive exercises extremely helpful. Fantastic workshops!!!”

“The Instructor emphasized practice, practice, practice. Coaching was done in a very supportive manner. I learned today my preferences for Rhythm Patterns & those patterns I need to use more often.”

“Jammed pack & great info! Very organized, great companion book, sage ‘pearls’ offered…motivational. Thank for the opportunity to participate.”

“I learned skills and techniques in communicating effectively in front of people or audiences.”

“Loved it! Feel stronger in my speaking and presenting. I learned how to connect with my audience in presentations & meetings.”

“Extremely applicable in many different settings. Dynamic and interesting speech techniques.”

“I enjoyed the day and the format. I never thought I would be able to improve so quickly.”

“Really found this course fun and informative. I would highly recommend it. This will be something!!! Since I write scripts, the piece about writing gestures into the text will be helpful. Would be interested in a course on writing speeches/presentations.”

“Very helpful.”

“This was fun and educational.”

“I have a presentation to do on Saturday. The timing couldn’t be better.”

“Instructor was non-threatening and supportive. I learned and will be able to implement using pauses more effectively and connecting with audience.“

“Enjoyed The Instructor’s method of speaking to us – more casual. Appreciated getting up and practicing with each other – pointed out what we were doing right, not what we were doing wrong.”

“Great tools for presentation.”

“This course was very helpful in increasing my knowledge and understanding of presentation styles and their differences. I am looking forward to creating presentations and coaching that will match & enhance the style of the presenter.”

“Very worthwhile – interactive learning techniques.”

“Excellent program. It helped with delivering a clear message.”

“Excellent material and presentation. Very practical and helpful.”

“Excellent, very applicable, enjoyable, fun and informative.”

“Outstanding Course.”

“Excellent course – I would like to bring to home medical center.”

“Excellent experience.”

“I will use these techniques in my board presentations.”

“I plan to practice and master these skills.”

“Excellent course.”

“Excellent course. I learned how to ease into public speaking more comfortably.”

“Tools to connect with any audience.”

“Great educational experience!”

“Excellent job. I was given tools to connect with the audience.”

“Wonderful course!”

“We need more of this – even acting class.”

“The instructor is so genuine, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful! She is fantastic!”

“Great program. Thank you”

“Excellent presentation/course. The Instructor was excellent. Learned so much from her. Every interaction is a presentation (there is a presenter and an audience.) I will implement the different presentation styles.”

“Simple, Practical. I will communicate better with my patients.”

“Will help with communicating complex information to patients.”

“Excellent! Very important skills to learn to present.”


“Wonderful course.”

“One of the most helpful courses received by MSAAT. It provided the skills (conversational skills) in daily patient interactions.”

“{This information will help when} making presentations, teaching & patient encounters.”

“I am able to utilize the Rhythm patterns and connection to engage the audience.”

“Videotaping = powerful tool.”

“One of the very best classes offered at Kaiser. I learned an incredible amount.”


“This was one of the most useful workshops I’ve participated in at Kaiser Permanente (It was also one of the most fun!) Thank you. I will practice and use 2 or 3 different Rhythm Patterns in the presentation I am giving tomorrow.”

“Great interactive workshop, very usable technique, lots of fun. The Instructor exemplifies the method.”

“Very interactive. Received all the opportunities to interact and practice.”

“An excellent program.”

“Excellent workshop. Thank you.”

“Great class! I loved the tools – very simple and extremely helpful.”

“Exceeded learning objectives. Day moved quickly.”

“This course was excellent. I expect to be more effective in my presentations.”

“Excellent. I learned to connect with the audience & move, relax and use more pauses.”

“I learned to use the techniques to give an interesting & lively speech. I think I am more able to deliver messages better & improve my communication skills.”

“The Instructor ran an excellent workshop. Good pace for audience with right focus on content. I would recommend this course to others.”

“I will implement the components of exceptional speaking; presentation style & content.”

“Very helpful!”

“Outstanding course. I would recommend it to any of the leaders in my area. Excellent specific tools for using to improve speaking delivery.”

“I came away with effective tools & tips to help make my presentations more effective. I thought the recordings used as a teaching strategy were very effective.”

“Thank you so much for teaching me to deliver an exceptional speech. I hope I demonstrated the value to attend your class (in my recent speech) and hope more people will be interested in attending your class in the future….”

“Thank you again for your time and your nurturing approach to the development of my presentation style… I enjoyed our time together and walked away with a lot of great ideas.”

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