Turning an Art into a Science


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)

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Directors, Scientists, Restoration Experts, Biologists, Administrators, Public Affairs

“I learned some great tools today that with practice will make me a better speaker. It was fun to see our team so engaged and improve in the short time of today. It was a great course with tremendous value.”

“The “system” approach helped me to organize my experiences into a more intentional approach in my work.”

“This was fantastic. Huge difference in all of us after one hour. Wish we’d done this sooner. And, lots of laugher.”

“Great class. Thanks for the practical tips. These are definitely tools I will use.”

“I really enjoyed the class. The Instructor was exceptional at making everyone comfortable & had thorough grasp of the subject matter. Excellent job! Thank you.”

“I liked the actual exercises. Practicing and immediate feedback was very effective. Fun working with the entire team.”

“Thank you – very useful skills.”

“I benefitted very much from this course. The tools will be very helpful for me. I will have to look for opportunities to practice in public. Also, I loved getting one-on–one feedback and enjoyed working in a partnership.”

“I enjoyed the course, learned such good techniques and had fun. Thank you.”

“I found The Instructor to be extremely knowledgeable.”

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